Summer Style Guide: Part II

Hello Lovelies!!

I had started one huge Summer Haul post, but there’s so much information to include that I had to break the post up into parts! Here are a few more of my must-have items for the season!

Lace & Rompers, And Lace Rompers!

Lace, especially a lace overlay either with a midi dress or a romper is the new eyelet for summer! As for rompers, they are honestly the greatest thing to enter women’s fashion. Enough Said.

Off Shoulder Everything

From tops to swimwear, the off-shoulder look is classic and always flattering.

Comfortable Yet Classy Dresses

I always have to have one dress that is loose enough for me to breath but still nice enough that I can dress it up for an event!

Small Earrings Still Make A Statement

I love my starfish studs from Fandangle! Creative, yet small earring are the way to go at the beach or pool!

To summaries everything, here’s a handy infographic!

Thank you for reading!