Daily Mantras

Hello Lovelies!! 

A while back I wrote on motivation and how important it is to “keep going” as you pursue your goals. Today, the She Laughs Collective and I have decided to share one way we visualize our goals, and that is through daily mantras! For us, mantras serve as positive reminders and we have each offered our thoughts on both specific mantras of our own as well as our thoughts on the concept in its entirety! 

don’t be the same, be better

This article was actually the brain child of Miranda from @mirandaoates! This is what she tries to say at least once a day to stay motivated!

stop distracting yourself and get your hw done 😂

I figured I would leave the fun emoji Kate (@kate_margarett) sent me with her entry. When you are in school long enough (especially college) sometimes the only thing you can focus on is homework – but also sleep and food!

One partner, Margaret of @cadyquotidienne has a very different, though very important view on mantras. Here is what a daily mantra means to her:

Why I Love/Hate Mantras

For a long time they felt super cringy to me, in a very Eat Pray Love sort of way. (The only reason I’ve seen that film is because I adore Julia Roberts beyond all reason). The idea of saying something in the mirror each morning, telling my reflection that I love it, that I am beautiful or that today would be MY DAY still makes me want to run for the hills. It feels forced and fake to me, though I understand for many people it’s been very helpful and I completely support them in that. I think I’ve resisted mantras because it felt like you had live and breath it in your every waking moment which is a lot of commitment for a phrase you find on Pinterest. Especially given how many times I change my outfit before leaving the house, I didn’t think mantras were for me. But then I was introduced to the idea of a mantra not as something you have to chant every morning as you drink lemon water and do sunrise salutations, but as a simple phrase that resonates with you. One that makes you feel connected, or empowered or motivated. You can think about it for as long or as little as you like. You can think of it when you’re folding laundry, walking into a meeting, running through the park or stalking your fave celebrity on Twitter. Or you can not think about it at all, if you’re just not bothered. Today when I was walking to work, having successfully parallel parked a minivan downtown and mentally congratulating myself on my mad skills, I remembered a completely unrelated quote from @thepouf “I want to see what happens if I don’t give up”. So let’s see shall we?

have stillness & patience

Is Kax’s (@kaxruth) mantra for the month of October. With all her goals and 24/7 hustling it is TOO HARD to avoid burnout.She will write this down and keep it close as a reminder to breath throughout the day, reconnect with herself, and try to fit in a self-care Sunday!

be you do you for you 

a simple yet powerful mantra from Emily of @emilyrosdahl.

it is never too late to start the day over

Honestly I needed to hear this one from community member Erika (@erikalryan). Sometimes your day can feel so busy and unproductive, and when that happens just take a step back and find something restorative to fill your time!

We hope that these messages, from fun sayings to deeper thoughts, encourage you this month to be the best version of yourself, to relax, and to stay positive!