Shooting Content In Different Weather Conditions From A Professional

Hello Lovelies!

A while back I got to shoot some amazing content with one of my photographer friends, Kim from Imago Dei Photo! We shot some early spring styles on one of the last snow days for Cincinnati, and this made the content creating experience extra exciting! I got to learn a lot from her on how to shoot in certain conditions, and I thought I would share her wisdom with you as well!

Here is what Kim had to say on shooting in the snow or any kind of weather:

1. Increase exposure compensation.

White colors bouncing off the snow are brighter, so turning down the exposure or “under exposing” will be best when editing in post.

2. Overcast weather is the BEST time to shoot.

Direct sunlight is not preferred and is rarely preceded for a lot of portrait photography. If it’s a sunny day all day , you can plan this out by shooting an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset. We were fortunate to have an overcast day and shot this session around 4pm.

3. Framing and background

Look for backgrounds that match a piece of clothing the model is wearing or or that agrees with the colors you’re working with. Make decisions in each photo whether to center your subject (model)

4. Don’t forget to have some fun with your model!

Play some music, use prints, dance it out! This will help bring out the personality of your subject and have authentic photos in the end.

If you are getting started in photography and content creation, especially if you shoot in varying light and weather, this list is a great place to start!