Building The Registry: Are These Popular Baby Products Worth The Price Tag?


Hello Lovelies!!

Now that I am almost halfway through pregnancy (already??), my latest project has been building the registry and figuring what I need (and want) for baby girl’s arrival! Before I get into everything, the baby industry is WILD. There are so many products out there, and figuring out what is best for baby and budget is a challenge for every parent. The following products and opinions have been collected through advice I have received from parents, research into competitive product features, as well as my own experience selling baby products when I worked in retail. So, here are baby products I am either excited to try or hope to find a budget-friendly alternative.

Keekaroo Peanut Wipeable Changing Pad

Yes 1000%. Every review of this product I have seen has been a rave and the product design is brilliant. Personally I love the idea of a changing pad that is easy to clean rather than something that would stain frequently with covers that need to go through the wash.

Artipoppe Baby Carrier

If there is one item I am keeping on my registry despite the price point it is this. When I asked several moms about carriers in general one theme I saw was a number of them had ended up purchasing multiple different brands to find the right one and oftentimes concerns with other carriers revolved around back pain, ease of assembly, and size range for the child. Positive reviews from Artipoppe owners mention how quick it is to put it on with baby, the wide weight limit range, the back support from criss-cross straps, and the overall aesthetic of the product. Is it the best on the market? Maybe. Are you paying for the brand name and aesthetic? Yes.

4Moms Breeze Portable Playard

Love this for traveling parents! I had looked at a few playpens (some more expensive than this with fewer features) and what I love is this can function as a crib, playard, and changing table on the go!

Comotomo Silicone Baby Bottles

In my bottle research, I saw a lot of reccomendations for trial boxes so you and baby can experience what product fits you best, but after more research, I feel most confident in the Comotomo line. One feature that is really important to me is the bottle material so I had looked at both glass and silicone options. I also researched how easy different bottles are to clean, and this brand is one I am excited to try! The only negative review I saw mentioned that these bottles can tip more easily when being assembled, but I am still willing to test them myself!

Stokke High Chairs

The main appeal with these high chairs and other Stokke furniture is their convertibility both as the child ages and with other additional products and features. Personally, I am leaning towards cost-effective products in this category with (for example) the IKEA high chair. Also, I feel like decor-wise I would want my toddlers transitioning from high chairs to adult chairs when they are big enough!

DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 Crib

Cribs can easily become a pricier registry item, but what I love about this one and similar products is how it can convert to a toddler bed! These items really boil down to style, price point, and convertible features!

For more content on shopping for baby on a budget, stay tuned for my strategy on shopping sale and second hand in my next blog post! And after that, I will also be curating a list of small but mighty items to add to your registry, from the best burp cloths and pacifiers to high chair mats for easy clean up!



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