What We Wish We Registered For: Baby Products To Make Life Easier With A Newborn

Hello Lovelies!

Today’s blog post is a mix of fun with both product recommendations and tips from a brand new mom (yours truly) on how to find baby items to fit your lifestyle! These are essentially the things I found myself shopping for while feeding little one at three in the morning, but let’s get into the details and why each item made the list!

1. Bibbs Binkies

I had originally registered for these but then we needed 8 more packs so we would always have extras in case one got lost or dropped on the floor. Another thing about this particular brand is I first liked them because they were orthodontist approved but turns out they are also great if you are looking for something that doesn’t impact babies latch when breastfeeding!

2. Guava Lotus Travel Crib

A number of things on this list are travel oriented and that is because with our lifestyle we (1) live in a small apartment and (2) our families are far away so we looked a lot at products that can be stored easily and also fly with us! This travel crib is insanely lightweight and approved for overnight sleep so it is perfect for when we visit grandparents!

3. Nuna TRVL Stroller

Another travel item! Honestly, if we were planning on just one baby we probably would have started out with this stroller because not only is it insanely lightweight for travel but it works with baby’s car seat so even if I am just going to the mall I can quickly put it in the trunk of my sedan.

4. Any Crib With Wheels

We have the DaVinci Jenny Lind crib and love it, but I highly recommend anything with wheels. We ended up skipping the bassinet phase and just moved the crib in and out of our room every night – which again worked for our small living space.

5. Tubby Todd All Over Ointment

We had lots of sensitive skin and baby acne in our house and this was a miracle worker while also smelling amazing! Perfect for a baby spa day, and get 10% off when you click here!

6. Car Trash Can/Diaper Baggies

When changing diapers on the go I realized I needed an easy way to keep diaper bag and car clean so any Amazon trash can and we use the Ubbi baggies but even grocery bags work too!

7. Second Diaper Bag (Full Size & Mini)

All about travel size! Since I go on walks a lot now I found having a quick diaper bag ready was crucial – I love the Storq diaper fanny pack because it even comes with a changing pad!

8. Stroller Attachments (Cup-holder, Bag straps)

These make mom’s life easier but also make great additions to registries for smaller or last minute gifts!

And finally to round out how we would have changed our registry, a few things we would have either waited on or removed include furniture like our rocking chair and dresser. We are so glad we found our chair and dresser second hand, this was a great way to save money and with 9 months to prep we were able to watch for the best deal!

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