Why Do We Have To Remind Ourselves To Be Kind?

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Every year I am so excited for International Women’s Day as it can be such a fun way to celebrate women, their achievements, and all the positivity from one big community. The first time I even heard of the holiday was when I was on a school trip to Paris. I thought it was so cool seeing people make such a big deal over a holiday that would likely just be an excuse to post on Instagram in the States. Any shop had events planned for the day and complete strangers were handing out flowers on the street. I hope we can experience that same energy everywhere.

This day has so many purposes, mostly purposes to uplift those women who have been marginalized in their societies, but today I want to discuss one element to this positive moment that is unfortunately necessary. I often hear encouraging words like “empowered women empower women” or the “lift each other up” type messages on days like today, and I find it sad that we live in a world where (1) we have to devote a holiday to women to make up for their mistreatment and (2) women have to be reminded to support each other rather than tear each other down.

I am absolutely all for supporting other women and lifting up my peers especially those in my industry. My goal is to emphasize how the necessity of the “encouraging reminders” are indicators of a much larger problem, and ultimately I hope to correct that problem.

Why are we preaching so much about supporting each other (both as women and in general)? Because we struggle so much with jealousy, comparison, and believing that there is only so much room in our world for successful women.

Many of these issues stem from a patriarchal society that teaches women to be lesser than, and there is plenty of work to be done regarding sexism. One thing we can do right now is stop perpetuating these issues by attacking our own community. We are so focused on empowering women but why do we still tear them down with gossip and comparison as if there is only so much room for women in power?

Here is an example for you: when you see a women achieving her career goals or having nice things you wish you had, do you try and make her seem smaller so you feel better about yourself? Or do you lift her up so she can keep going? Are you a part of the problem or do you fight the negativity with kindness?

I encourage you today to choose kindness and compassion rather than jealousy and comparison. Because if we cannot empower ourselves then who will?



BLACK LIVES MATTER: An Interview with the Black Style Blogger Who Blew Up Overnight

Hello Lovelies! 

I am so excited to share something so powerful with you all right now! You all know I love sticking to lighthearted and positive content but today I cannot stress how important it is to dive deep into our current issues. To do this I have enlisted the help of one of my favorite bloggers, Tayla Santos of @taylasnts, to share with you all her experiences over the past few days, from just chaos to silver linings! I have asked her to answer a few questions below as a way to help raise awareness and educate us all on what is happening and what we can do!

What is your mission in the influencer industry and how long have you been growing your personal brand?

I’ve been blogging for a few years now and I am all about transparency. On my platform, I strive to communicate the realest, most true version of who I am, all while sharing aesthetic OOTD’s, remaining open about my faith, and any other topics I feel strongly about along the way. 

I’ve always wanted to be part of the fashion community, it’s been my dream! However, I didn’t know exactly how, or where, I fit in! I, for sure, wanted to share my own personal style and life story.  I thought blogging was a great way to make my mini mark under this huge umbrella industry of fashion.

Fashion was my dream, but there is so much more to me that I want to share and document. Scrolling through my blog and Instagram you will find things  from my personal walk with God, all the way down to the crazy/ goofy moments in my day to day life! 

Can you tell me of specific ways you personally have been marginalized in content creation and social media before this past week?

**sighs** I knew this question would be here somewhere haha. 

This industry can really be a pain in the ‘you know what’! I always felt like there wasn’t enough diversity in the “Style Blogger” Industry. There was always that tiny bit of resentment any time I’d find myself scrolling on the Explore page on instagram and only see white faces. Yeah, the posts were in my fashion niche, but nobody looked like me! Where are my Brown girls at!? I would search the hashtags looking for more brown/black bloggers to follow but I could have sworn Instagram was hiding them from me. 

I would reach out to brands to work with them after some friends would tell me they just got a great collab with them and I would quickly get the “we aren’t taking any collaborations at the moment” reply. Like seriously? -.- ok. You can’t help feel like the only reason you aren’t getting these jobs is BECAUSE the color of your skin. Then you go to the brands instagram feed and it’s all confirmed when there isn’t a single POC featured on their page. 

The first collaborative style page I followed (and I bet if you are a style lover on instagram, you follow them too) was @americanstyle. It was like a mini goal of mine to be posted on there one day. Then I realized…they don’t post Girls of Color on there at all. I called them out on it today **shoulder shrug** well see what happens lol. (even sent them a few of my fave Black style bloggers lol)

What, exactly, do you believe are the short-term goals (as opposed to the long term goals) of the current riots alongside the #BlackLivesMatter movement?

First off, I want to say that I do not stand with the riots. I am ALL FOR the protests and delivering a clear and concise message. However, I will never be one to stand behind violence and destruction. With this being said, I do understand the message these rioters believe they are sending. They are trying to shed light on the fact that this is THEIR community just as much as it is our white neighbors. Black people built this country so I think that by Looting and rioting, they are sending out that reminder.

The peaceful protests are POWERFUL! I went to one myself and was moved in so many ways. The Black community has a voice that needs to be heard. There is so much power behind coming together and delivering ONE strong message. The hate in this world is going to tear us apart if we don’t take action. 

I stand with BLACK LIVES MATTER 100%. I saw something on Instagram the other day that said something like ‘when a house is on fire, you don’t see the fire department hosing down the rest of the neighborhood. You see them helping the house that is on fire!’. Our Black communities are on fire and we need to help them! Remember that phrase “WWJD” (what would Jesus do)?  I think Luke 15 answers that for us.

Luke 15: 3-7 :

3 Then Jesus told them this parable: 4 “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? 5 And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders 6 and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’ 7 I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.”

The Black community is hurting right now, so our job is to help heal them so they are treated as equals with the remaining 99. Jesus loves us all the same people! My first source for any research I do, is the bible! Goes right back to that phrase when we were younger…WWJD (what would Jesus do). He is not happy with the divide that has been going on for years. I can guarantee that. 

Tell us about some of the ways these events are affecting you or the people you know.

This is a heavy question for me because I feel like I am affected in multiple ways during this time. If you follow me on instagram, you know that my father is an officer and I do come from a family of police officers and law enforcement. I did not choose to be black, the same way I did not choose to be born into a family of law enforcement. 

Watching the news and seeing my family members on the front lines, knowing they also stand with their black brothers and sisters is so tough. It’s been long and endless nights in my household right now as protests, rioting and looting carries on throughout the streets in my city. It’s scary. We have people fighting for all different things during this time and it’s hard because these protests are not just asking for one thing anymore. 

You have some who are demanding justice for George Floyd,  some who are at war against cops and want to abolish law enforcement, and some who are trying to bring down systemic racism all together. I feel like we need to focus on one,  like Systemic racism, and strategically and effectively protest that! Everyone should be treated equally and yes we do need to reevaluate our system and make some changes. I 100% agree. Our judicial system is messed up and it disgusts me on so many different levels. However, we need to really focus on how we can make that extremely clear to the people who are so so blind to it. 

What is something positive you have seen in the past week that will hopefully push us in the right direction?

I’m such a silver lining type of gal lol. I always look for the positives so i’m really glad you asked this because it really allows me to pause and reflect on the past couple days. With everything that’s going on, people are finally starting to notice that there is not enough black representation on social media and the blogger industry. Over the past 3 or 4 days, my account has been shared on many many different platforms  and in under a week, I have gained over 7k followers. 

What’s crazy about that to me is that back in May, I prayed to God and asked him that “if it is his will for me to be in this industry, that he show me a clear sign”. Now I know you’re not supposed to reason with God, but the fact that not only did he allow me to reach my goal of 6k, but more than DOUBLED that number?! Thats crazy!! Ephesians 3:20 says it loud and clear Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.”

 I know this may seem so stupid to some of the people readign this, but its so true. God has a plan for absolutely every one of his children. What the enemy intends for evil, God used for good. So much more is yet to be done and we WILL see a difference!! I have faith. 

You are among a number of black content creators who have grown tremendously in recent days due to the many profile shares across instagram. Do you see this as the start to a permanent change for equality of recognition on social media platforms? How might this change not only the average news feed but also influencer industry consumerism?

To be totally honest, I’m 100% grateful for the growth this past week, but I really dont think this will change too much in the industry right away. I really pray it sticks and brands start to diversify their campaigns and marketing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it just dies back down and dwindles out again. 

However, I do feel more comfortable calling brands out now. Haha I got a little bit of fire under my bum now lol. I believe I have every right to work with each and every brand that my fellow white bloggers are working with. 

What are some of your preferred resources for news updates or donations during this time?

When it comes to what organizations I’m suggesting to donate to, I did some research into ones that may not be donated to as much. I know there are tons of them circulating instagram and twitter, so I researched some other smaller ones that could use a little extra love. Some are in Boston, but that’s only because I live here and I’ve been doing research to see how I can help locally. 

http://www.wearemrrc.com/ – raising money to help rebuild the communities and businesses  that were destroyed during looting and rioting. 

https://yeskids.org/ – Inspires and challenges youth from low income families with physical and mental activities that foster life-long respect for self, others, and the environment.

https://blacklivesmatterboston.org/ –  this organization works to organize and build Black power in Boston by supporting new Black leaders, creating a network where Black people feel empowered, and igniting communities to end state-sanctioned violence against Black people


This is a link with a bunch of other organizations where you can donate as well! Don’t be afraid to do your own research as well. Type in things like “how can i support the ‘Black lives matter’ movement in (insert city here).” 

What are the best ways for people to help when they cannot afford to donate?

Raise your voice! Speak for those who have been speaking for themselves for years and aren’t being heard. Check in with your black friends and neighbors. Be there to listen to them and ask THEM what they need. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s ok to post something about the Black lives Matter movement and share posts. Be ok with being corrected when you are wrong. It’s ok for a black person to correct you and to educate you on something you do not know enough about. Be open for change and be willing to accept the change that’s coming….because it IS coming! 

[Adelia here] Can I just say how AMAZING all this is – the promise for growth and real change for these beautiful souls. Thank you so much Tayla for being an amazing figure for content creators and consumers alike, and for the readers who made it this far, THANK YOU for supporting her voice and hearing what she has to say!


A & T

Devotionals for Jumping Back Into Your Faith With Olivia

Hi friends! It’s Olivia, from The Daily Dose with Liv

For a long time, I thought reading the Bible was boring. I was afraid of not understanding it and wanting to be like everyone else. But The Bible isn’t boring. It speaks truth. It holds God’s Words and He so desperately wants to share them with you. 


Below are a list of devotionals and books that I’ve heard about and/or have read through. And a little shameless self-promo here, but I have a post over on my blog that includes other faith-filled books that point you back to Jesus. But let me know if you like any of these. 

Disclaimer: I haven’t read through some of these, but I have read recommendations from reviews and influencers who have read these. So, if you like any of these, leave a comment below! 


  • Live in Grace, Walk in Love: A 365 Day Journey by Bob Goff 

I’m currently going through this devotional by Bob Goff. If you haven’t read anything by Mr. Goff, stop what you’re doing and go buy “Love Does,” then, “Everybody Always.” His words are full of joy. His passion includes talking about Jesus with ordinary people. This is a 5-day-a-week, 365-day journey that will leave you drawing closer and closer to God. 


  • New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp 

I have to say, I haven’t read this but I’ve seen many influencers and YouTubers pick this one up and recommend it! Pick this devotional up if you are beginning to know God. 


  • Jesus Calling by Sarah Young 

If you grew up in a Christian household (like me), do you remember your mom leaving these on end tables and/or bathrooms? I highly, highly recommend this one because it targets young women. There are other ones that target other specific audiences, but highly recommend this one! 


  • Embraced by Lysa TerKeurst 

Lysa TerKeurst, president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, created this devotional for women of all ages! 100 devotions, jam-packed with God’s truth. 


  • 100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs 

I gifted this for a friend a while back, and now I want my own copy! I highly, highly recommend listening to Annie F. Down’s podcast “That Sounds Fun” as well! 




  • “Am I Enough”  by Grace Valentine 

This isn’t a devotional, but I treat each chapter like it’s a devotional. This book, y’all. From her mission on Grace’s blog, she wanted to write a relatable Christian lifestyle book that talked about college, parties, drinking, boys, and anything else that may be in a young woman’s life. I highly, highly recommend picking this book up. 


The Beauty Of A Virtual Girl Gang

Hello Lovelies!

These are some of my best friends, and I have never even met them! Sounds a little weird? It is. Back in July of last year a blogger I followed offered to start a cute little group chat to talk each other through our blogging journeys (and to gossip about The Bachelor). Since then we have talked every day. When I cannot decide what to post (which happens every day), they help me pick the best photos, feed, posting time, etc. They know all my boy drama. They teach me how to best grow my brand, how to get sponsorships, and so much more!

And now we are becoming business partners! This week we are launching a free group for  anyone looking for community like this. You can learn what we have learned about the business, make new friends, and grow together!

We want to offer a collective space where YOU can benefit from virtual friendship in the same ways we have! You can chat with us and find amazing people to lift you up and help you build your personal brand!

The group is launching Monday, April 27th with mingling and simple introductions. We will share the tips and insights we have learned over the years in group posts on a weekly basis, and we will begin offering ways for you to connect and grow by Friday May 1st! Personally, I am most excited for all the way YOU will make this group unique with your questions, suggestions, and outreach! Once everything is ready we will be posting links where you can join!

Grow with us!



How To Create Content By Yourself During Quarantine

Hey loves! Ellie from @thesevee here! I hope you are all doing well and staying safe during this very frightening time. With everything changing so quickly, I think everyone feels a little bit lost and gloomy. Being stuck at home certainly is not the worst thing in the world, but it’s not always fun when you want to be creative! I wanted to share with you all how I am still creating content by myself at home during this time of social distancing. Can’t wait to see how you all get creative!
Using A Tripod
Okay, this one is probably a no brainer for most of you. Using a phone tripod with a remote is the easiest way to capture content by yourself. They are usually between $20-30 on Amazon and are very user friendly. Always make sure that the remote is turned on and you take a test picture before taking all of your content! I usually like to test a few different angles and heights on the tripod before figuring out what I think works best. Just have fun with it and you will get some great candid shots!
Phone Holder with a Clamp
Using a phone holder with a clamp allows you to easily clamp it to most tables, chairs, counters, etc! It is a great option for taking pictures with a self timer or using it to take videos where you need both of your hands. I have used mine many times to take some Tik Tok videos or film Instagram stories! You can also find these on Amazon for around $20.
Cell Phone Stand/Propping Your Phone Against Something
A cell phone stand is an easy way to prop your phone up and take some video content, shoot a Tik Tok, take a picture, etc. They are affordable online and can really come in clutch when your phone will not stay propped up against anything else! I got mine from a work conference and it has come in handy soooo many times. Find a high enough surface and try taking some pictures for IG or doing a Tik Tok dance video! Propping your phone up against something is a free way to get some content, the tricky part is finding a surface that is high enough to get the shot you want or making your phone stay up. Work with whatcha got though, right?!
Mirror Picture
Never underestimate a good mirror picture! They can turn out SO cute! This is one of the best options especially if you are stuck inside and have no outdoor space. Get some good lighting and an outfit you feel confident in and I promise you will get some great pictures. Share your OOTD, a new dress you just got, a close up of a pair of new earrings, a new phone case, your quarantine outfit, your new pajamas, whatever fits your style!
Okay, I know. This is probably cliche and a huge given. But when you are feeling yourself after doing your makeup and putting on real clothes for the first time in over a week, you’ve gotta take a few selfies! This could also be a great way to show off a necklace, a pair of earrings, a new lipstick, a new makeup product that you just tried, etc. Get some good lighting in front of a window and snap a few selfies to share, record some IG stories talking to your followers, or make a Tik Tok video sharing your new favorite necklace.
Using a flatlay to show off an outfit or a product is also a super easy and great option! Brands post and repost flatlays all the time, so don’t be afraid to put one together! They can turn out so creative and really pretty, especially when you add extra elements to them besides the main focal point. Use your creativity and what you’ve got laying around the house and bring your vision to life!
This is the hard part – now that you have hopefully figured out how you can create content by yourself, you have to figure out what you want to create! For me, its always a new product that I am loving, a cute outfit that I have been wearing, or a new dress that I just got and want to show. But I need to get even more creative than that! Right now I am filming an IGTV video for my makeup routine, filming Tik Tok videos that I can share on my stories, shooting pictures of different outfits and products for upcoming collabs, and trying to incorporate more real life posts into my feed.
It is hard to be inspired when you are stuck in the same environment, but look around for what you have and you can make some great content for the time being! Share a new recipe you love, your skincare routine, how you make your coffee, what book you are reading, an app you are loving, how you are staying active inside, clean a room and do a time lapse, re organize your furniture in your bedroom or living room, etc. Branch out from what you normally post about and the content possibilities are endless!
I hope that you can all stay creative but not be too hard on yourself about it! Stay safe, stay positive, stay true to you, and spread kindness whenever and wherever you can!
Xoxo, Ellie
Link for the products mentioned here

Staying Positive During Quarantine

Hey, babes! Molly here! (@seemollyblog) Times are crazy, and I know that all the change can be very scary, and anxiety-inducing. However, even in the darkest and most unpredictable times, we can find light and positivity. I’ve compiled some ideas to help you adjust to this new way of life, and ultimately stay positive throughout your increased time at home. Sending lots of love, and happy vibes your way! WE GOT THIS! 

Ways to Stay Positive while Sheltering in Place

Feel all the feels: First and foremost, allow yourself to feel whatever it is you feel whether it is positive or not. It is so important to recognize what our initial feelings are toward a particular situation before we work to reframe them. Whether you’re feeling scared, anxious, angry, confused, hopeless or all of the above understand and appreciate that your feelings are completely valid. 

Practice Gratitude: Positivity stems from a lot of sources but one of them is gratitude. When we acknowledge the blessings we have in our life, it begins to shift our perspective. Gratitude reminds us to live in the moment, and first appreciate what we have before worrying about what we do not, or any unknowns. Challenge yourself to write a list of 3 things for which you’re grateful each and every day. 

Unplug: Facebook and Instagram already have to power to uplift with sweet photos of family far away, and simultaneously send us into a spiraling depression with pictures of an exe’s wedding. While historically a double-edged sword, there’s no doubt the current situation of our world is definitely complicated by social media. Of course, media isn’t all bad! Some really helpful information has been disseminated via the news and various social media channels. That being said a lot of panic-inducing, and untrue information has also been shared and I think setting limits on screen time can be so helpful to remain positive. Sometimes, ignorance truly is bliss! (Please definitely stay up to date on your area’s shelter in place status and so on, but don’t complicate things with click-bait articles and rabbit-holes of stalking your exes on social media. Good vibes only!) 

Cultivate Your Space: Many people are now working from home, and if you’re not working from home, you’re definitely spending more time there (hello, shelter in place and social distancing! Nice to meet you!). Our minds are very aware of and influenced by where we are. For instance, if we are in bed our minds will think we are slowing down and prepping for sleep, but if we are up and at a desk, we are in more likely to be in a productive mindset. That being said, if you’re now working from home take time to create a dedicated workspace that motivates you, and also has some personal touches. If you’re still going to work this is still an awesome time to re-energize your space by cleaning, organizing, rearranging, and just showing some TLC to your surroundings. Create a space that serves you. 

Plan a Routine: Now that so much of life is taking place at home, I’m sure a lot your old routine has been turned completely upside down, and there are pros and cons. No traffic, YAY! Less motivation to wake up early…boo. However, just because your routine may look different doesn’t mean it should be nonexistent. My mood is always increased when I have structure and know what’s expected of me, and what I’m expecting for myself. Create a modified schedule and do your best to stick it! Continuing to wake up early, drink your morning coffee, and get out of your pajamas not only sets a tone for your day it immediately makes you feel accomplished and on the right track for your day. CRUSHING IT! 

Sweat It Out: In the words of Elle Woods, exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins makes you happy.” Can’t argue with a fashion-forward Harvard educated lawyer, am I right!? While gyms and studios are closed many places, there are so many online options to get your move on! From yoga and barre to HIIT and kickboxing so many studios are offering online classes, and YouTube is also a wealth of work out video options! Make some time to sweat, it will turn your whole mood around, Elle Woods and I pinky promise! 

Support Local: I always feel positive when I do things to help others. Many small, local business have been greatly impacted by social distancing and shut down orders, so consider supporting your favorite local spots in whatever way you can. Have a date night with carry-out food from your favorite restaurant, or order flower delivery from a local florist and brighten your at homework space with some cheery blooms. It’s hard not to feel good when you’re helping out! 

Go Outside: As long as you’re an appropriate distance away from other people (about 6 feet) you’re totally cool to be outside! I know for me personally a little vitamin D goes a long way and the sun is the perfect source! With the weather warming up it’s the perfect time to take your work or your lunch outside or go for a walk. Nature is great for fostering positivity! 

Celebrate Your Wins: Stay positive by being your own cheerleader! Allow yourself to feel proud of crushing your new routine and adjusting to this new lifestyle. Remember victories are big, and small. You didn’t silence your alarm? CELEBRATE! You crushed an at home work out? YES, GIRL! You cleaned out your closet? HIGH FIVE! Celebrate in a way that is meaningful for you. Allow yourself to watch an episode or two of your favorite Netflix show, or drink a glass of wine. Positivity ultimately comes from ourselves, and now that we aren’t around as many people, we have to take charge of patting ourselves on the pat and be proud! You’re doing AMAZING! 

Stay in Touch: They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, so while you’re taking a break from social media, try and make time to connect with friends and loved ones in new, meaningful (and distant!) ways. Use group meeting apps to have a happy hour with your friends, send snail mail, or just hop on a call to check on your mom. Being forced to slow down is the perfect time to check in on each other and remind each other how much you care. Awesome relationships are positivity all around! 



The following is a creative piece from a partner of the She Laughs Collective – enjoy this unique work and change of pace from current content.
I live a mediocre life.
I finger-paint with cheap colors and poor technique. 
I drive an old car with a wave air freshener hanging in it. 
I sleep in an all-white queen bed with pillows on every side of me. 
I grocery shop at Trader Joe’s and get way too excited about buying more sweet potatoes.
I listen to a really good podcast but only remember half of it.
I live paycheck to paycheck majority of the time.
I write journals in cursive lines about thoughts I’m not even sure I really think.
I sit in the sun and check my sleeve every five seconds for a tan line, disappointed to rarely find one.
I can’t keep up with this world, and most of the time I don’t have enough energy to try to.
Is this enough?
Should I be setting my standards higher?
Is my personal success measured by others or by myself?
Does it take being the richest, having the most, and looking the best to find happiness?
What should be defined as contentment?
Should every hobby I have be something aimed to perfect?
Can I be merely okay at parts of my life?
It is enough.
The roof over my head.
The food that nourishes my body.
The love that overwhelms me.
The people who truly know me and care for me.
The woman I am today and the woman I am growing to be.
It is all enough.
And I am grateful for and content with my mediocre life.
In this world of success-driven and quickly-bored people searching for the next best thing, I have chosen to be okay with never being all that the world tells me to strive to be. I have chosen to be completely and wildly me.
Choose this with me, choose a life of contentment in being just who the Creator created you to be: you.
sav 🌿

Thoughtful Gifts For Parents

Hello Lovelies!

This was a top request for gift guides from y’all and I am so excited to get creative with these gift ideas!! When you are a young adult it can be difficult finding the perfect gift for your parents. Maybe you are on a budget or maybe your parents always buy themselves what they want, but this year you can blow them away after reading this gift guide!!

Bacon Of The Month

I got this idea from one dad I met, he shared the best gift he ever got from anyone, and one year his son got him a full year bacon subscription. Surprise your (healthy, not at risk for hear attack) family members with a year of their favorite food! If bacon isn’t their thing, you can also try deserts or find vegan/gluten free options!


This worked for my cooking dad one year. Backstory: he buys himself everything he needs for cooking experiments etc. buuutt, what he didn’t know was that one of his favorite chefs just released a new cookbook at William Sonoma so this year, look for whatever cooking product or book that was released in the last six months and maybe they do not already have it!

Frame Something

Pick any memory, maybe one they do not already have displayed, and frame it for their home. Some options include portraits or images from previous homes or vacations!

Comfy Gifts

Bathrobes or Slippers. done. I recommend brands like UGG for the luxury and comfort!

Other Books

Similar to the cookbook idea, find a recent book on a topic you know they like: maybe a biography on a favorite author or a new take on a fascinating topic!

Something Fun

Gift a board game or some fun activity for the family when you are all together!


If you can afford it, gift your parents a staycation! Offer them a spa package or tickets to something fun in town they can enjoy together!

A Really Good Card

Seriously though, a cute card with a fun picture or design with a thoughtful handwritten note may be exactly what they want this year, guarantee it.



Jetsetter Gift Guide 

courtesy of Margaret Holmes Cady

The plane (see what I did there) best gifts for your friends or family members with wandering feet and travel on the brain. A list so good, it will make you add ‘seeing the world’ to your 2020 resolutions! 


Passport Pretty


This travel wallet from Aspinal of London is perfect for the organized jetsetter. It perfectly holds your passport, phone, documents and has a little zip pouch for change or foreign currency. For an extra special touch get it embossed with initials. I own the classic Black Croc and Red Suede (Louboutin colors) but also love the Burgundy and Navy Suede and the Scarlet Saffiano. 


Le Case


Away luggage exploded onto the scene last year and I’m happy to report they keep upping their game. This year for the holidays they launched the limited edition Luminous Collection, with jewel-like finishes that add a bit of glamor to their mega-practical suitcases. I’m eyeing up the Bigger Carry-On which is sized to fit in the overhead bin of most major airlines. I love the Mirror finish, a glossy, deep silver which feels both modern and timeless. They offer two versions- one with a built in battery that can charge your phone up to 4x and another version sans-battery when lightness is the name of the game. 


These boots were made for walkin’


Traveling means getting your steps in and so you need footwear that’s up to the task and still brings serious style points. Enter the Hilty Bootie by Sam Edelman, which has a modest block heel, chic pointed toe and butter soft black leather finish. If you’re a fan of a more bohemian or casual look, the hazelnut or caramel suede versions would be rustic-chic. Come rain or shine, snow or sleet, this boot will go the distance. 


Airplane Cocktail Kit


Business or pleasure? If you’re traveling on your own dime, then might as well make it a celebration! With the Carry On Cocktail Kit you can have a grown up beverage on the go. TSA approved, the kits come in several varieties, personal favorites include the Champagne Cocktail and the Moscow Mule. Just add the hard stuff. This would make a great stocking stuffer or white elephant gift. Bragging rights for most stolen gift-check! 


Cozy Chic Set 


Traveling can be stressful enough, with bad weather, delays, long security lines etc. Trying to find a balance between comfort and style in transport is a thing of the past with this dynamic duo. Spanx cult favorite faux-leather leggings for your pins and the coziest Alpaca sweater known to man from Everlane for under $100. Add a trench or pea coat depending on the weather and you’re golden. Always travel chic, never travel schlep. 


Top Up Beauty Kit 


Combat early starts and red-eye flights with a perfectly portable beauty kit. When you’re traveling you want products that aren’t too fussy. They also have to be worth every square inch of your limited toiletry space in your bag. Look no further than Bobbi Brown! I’m head over heels for the Glow On The Go or Clutch Classics, TSA friendly sizes of their best selling products. Ready, set, glow! 


Spontaneous Travel 


If you’ve ever wanted to surprise someone (or yourself!) with a trip but struggled with the logistics, wait no more! This year use Whym for a surprise booking getaway anywhere in the United States. First you pick the type of travel and answer a survey: how many explorers, dates, budget and preferences. One week before departure Whym sends a weather forecast and packing list, 24 hours before you are told where and when you leave and, on the day, you find out your destination. Once you arrive there are more surprises built into the itinerary, as well as blocks of free time. I’m dying to give this one a go, friends have raved about the Whym team and the excellent service. If you’re giving a Whym trip as a gift there are two routes, buy a gift card starting from S50 or get in touch with the team! 


Gift Guides!!

Hello Lovelies!!

This year, the She Laughs Collective will be sharing multiple gift guides in a fun series from your favorite bloggers! We will be posting them on a regular basis through the season, and you can revisit this page for the latest updates! We want each gift guide to fit specific needs so as to not overwhelm, but we also want to offer plenty of options in this series! Stay tuned for more!

Gifts For Beauty Gurus

This is the perfect gift guide to make your favorite beauty guru feel pampered with products they can have at home! One of my favorites on this list is the mini fridge pictured above! This trend has been going strong since 2018 and it is the perfect gift for someone who already has their favorite masks and creams!

Gifts For Jetsetters

courtesy of Margaret Holmes Cady

The plane (see what I did there) best gifts for your friends or family members with wandering feet and travel on the brain. A list so good, it will make you add ‘seeing the world’ to your 2020 resolutions!

Gifts For Parents

Here are some thoughtful ideas for the family members in your life that already buy themselves whatever they want!


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