The 5 Things I Bought At The #NSALE

Hello Lovelies!

Every year bloggers go crazy over the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and if you look back at archives you would see I am also guilty! Since I started shopping the sale I have noticed it changes a lot: the dates, deals, all of it and it is a lot to keep up with.This year I have decided to shop smarter, so here is my very short, budget-friendly list of things to consider when shopping the #nsale! The reason why I am opting for a short and sweet article is because I am tired of influencers linking basically EVERY SINGLE ITEM and hardly buying ANYTHING. So to stay away from over-hyped deals, here is how I am shopping smart!

Last thing: to shop everything featured: shop here!

1. Repurchases

There are probably some sale staples you love and may want to buy again, so why not knock out any repurchases at the lowest price! Some good examples of products that are in the sale each year: laundry detergent, faux leather leggings, rain boots, and beauty products! If you plan on restocking, the sale is when prices will be lowest.

2. Fall Staples

For me this includes black pants/jeans. I gave away all my old pairs and need a little refresh. Also, if you need a new fall sweater or something interchangeable in your closet, why not!

3. Beauty Sets

My favorite this year is the Olaplex value set, and other good brands include: Anastasia Beverly Hills, Nécessaire, Supergoop, and La Mer! Make sure you like everything in a set before buying!

4. A Good Pair Of Shoes

Functional or fun, if you know you want new boots for fall now is the time! But remember if you have black booties at home do you really need 5 pairs?

5. Gifts Or Things For The Fam

Again, a lot of similar kinds of pieces come back each year, so if you know you will be shopping kids or mens for anyone in the next few months, maybe snag the better price now!

I hope this article offers some insight into smart shopping, getting what you need, and not getting overwhelmed with all the hype!



Everything You Need To Know Before The 2020 #NSALE

Hello Lovelies!!

Another year, another Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom! If you have been around long enough, you have likely seen me blog this sale a few times already, but this year is SO DIFFERENT! First, obviously the dates have been pushed back and early access also has different dates depending on your status in the Nordy Club. ANOTHER new thing this year for content on She Laughs and my instagram is now you can shop the sale with me!

Before, I simply shopped the sale and shared my thoughts on the blog, but now you can make appointments with me for your Nordstrom sale needs (either virtually or in store) at no extra cost! I’ll get into all the details after I break down the dates you’ll want to remember!

What We Know So Far

EVERYONE will be able to view the sale online starting July 24th! This way you can see the cute product available and add to your wishlist for easy shopping!

ICON CARDMEMBERS can shop their Early Access starting August 4th

AMBASSADOR CARDMEMBERS can start shopping August 7th


and ALL CARDMEMBERS will be able to shop Early Access August 13th!!

The public sale runs August 19th through the 30th, but it is important to note that product sells out EXTREMELY FAST so getting a Nordstrom card and shopping early will help you get in on the fun!

Here’s Where I Can Help You

Like always, I will be sharing my favorite sale pieces and such on the blog on the 24th, but with insight on brand sizing, material quality, etc. with my experience now working in retail.

New this year, you can schedule to personally shop the sale with me either virtually or in store by emailing or simply by shooting a quick DM to @adelia.lauren – I can set you up for the sale, pick out what pieces you will like, and plan your whole #NSALE experience!

That’s all for now! Get excited for the preview!!!



All The July Sale Updates

Hello Lovelies!!

So everyone and their dog knows about the Nordstrom Sale and Amazon Prime Day, but what many do not know is that there are soooo many other retailers working to compete with these sales using their own promotions. Why am I bringing this up? Because July is historically the worst month for the retail industry, and while Nordstrom and Amazon lead the fight against the drop in sales, plenty of other brand are not too far behind them. This week, some retailers are offering the LOWEST PRICES YOU WILL FIND, and I intend to bring all those deals to one place (this article), as well as update you regarding the bigger sales, including restocks and dupes for Nordstrom!

Prime Day 2

As I am writing this there are 18 hours left in the sale! Here are some of my picks this year!

Tide Free And Gentle Pods And Tide To Go





Fire TV Stick – I have ha mine for YEARS and it is perfect and compact for college life!







Beats Solo 3 – wearing mine right now!







Loft always has good sales going on but right now pants are only 20!!

Fluid Wide Leg Pants

I have these in a number of colors and I am absolutely obsessed!! They are so comfy and easy to wear!






Linen Fluid Wide Leg Pants







Riviera Pants

Just ordered these and the pair below for something professional yet fun!






Riviera Wide Leg Pants







Drawstring Shorts

The COMFIEST summer shorts!








visit my last blog post here for my NSALE picks and restock info!




Only What I Am Buying During The Nordstrom Sale

Hello Lovelies!!

Kinda weird title but hear me out! Last year I covered this sale for the first time and I remember SCRAMBLING to get content together as I competed with seasoned bloggers for affiliate commission, views etc. This year, in the spirit of transparency, and content that is of better quality for my audience, I will be sharing a very short post with the pieces that I truly believe are worth purchasing during this sale solely based on my views and opinions as a consumer. I hope that this post is a lot less overwhelming and offers insight into how I determine if a product is “worth the price.” Happy Shopping!

Already Have It

These are pieces I purchased last year that are making a comeback!! Definitely a re-buy!

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings – 64.9

Ok I actually got these last year and I still LOVE them. They are normally 100 year round so the price during the sale is the best you will see for the long lasting product.

BP Cami – 25.9

I am just obsessed with this one honestly. They brought it back this year again and all the colors are so cute!!

Need It Now

This is what I refer to as my “short list” aka the items I will go home with from the Nordstrom store on day one of the sale.

Madewell Striped Cardigan – 64.9


Longchamp Le Pliage Expandable Tote – 133.9




BB Dakota Faux Leather Jacket – 64.9



Brixton Hat (not included in the sale but really cute) – 52




Save For Later

These items I intend to purchase during the sale but will likely wait a few days and order online either due to unavailability in store or the limitations I set for myself with my budget.

Something Navy Skirt – 49.9

I have been looking for a cute leopard skirt for a while and this one is perfect!!


Vince Camuto Peacoat – 105

SO CUTE!! This color is perfect for the winter and I am obsessed with this cut!



These are items that I REALLY liked and would buy if could.


ALG Mules – 225

These shoes nearly sold out in the store I visited BEFORE the sale. I loved them because they were the exact style I was looking for in a fall shoe and they were extremely comfortable and well made. However they just are not in my price point for shoes so I let them go.


Coffee T Shirt – 18.9

I may get this one eventually just because it’s so cute and funny but for the moment it is a maybe!





Dyptique Candle Set – 55

this is the CUTEST candle set and I would totally buy it at that price but I currently have too many candles lol





Creme de La Mer 8.5 oz – 1100

I have seriously wanted this guy every single year for so long! I think next year I’ll finally save up for it but it is definitely a splurge!




I know this post seems short but I feel the best way for me to cover this sale is to only share the items that I believe in for myself. Sure there are plenty of other awesome picks, but again I aim to keep the content a lot less overwhelming this year.



Spending Wisely During The Nordstrom Sale

long story short, do not break the bank to fit in

Hello Lovelies!

So unlike previous years for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, an important topic has come up on social media about the pressure to spend money and essentially be as extravagant as those who influence you. I am here, like many other bloggers, to let you know that everyone is on a budget and no one is forcing you to buy things you don’t need. With that being said, here are some important things to note when trying to spend wisely for the sale!

Start With A Firm Budget

Pick a number, any number, write it down, do not forget it, and stick to it!! Sometimes I fall into a trap while shopping when I think ” oh I can’t spend more than X but if I only eat ramen for a week I can get this hat” or something and that should not be happening. Just know your number and try to not go crazy.

Know What You Want Ahead Of Time

Unfortunately this year the online sale starts at 12:30 instead of before the stores open like in the past, so you may not have an itemized wishlist going in BUT you can go in with a rough idea of what you want going in. For example, here’s my list

  • loafers or booties in black or a dark animal print
  • colorful cardigan
  • fall/winter coat
  • a trendy piece or two like slip skirts or dresses and easy to wear accessories

Look For The BEST Deal

This one takes some research and as I shop Friday I will be very blunt about this. The Nordstrom Sale is a good sale but that may not mean it is the best sale. First, most of the pieces in the catalog were designed and manufactured FOR THIS SALE meaning that the quality, popularity, and other characteristics of the items may be different from similar items of the same brand. For example, I love my Free People waffle sweater, and one year I was looking for similar styles in more colors but at a better price. I found Free People waffle sweater that was cute, but different from the one I knew and loved. I bought it thinking it would be the next big thing, and honestly it was not. Sure it was cute, but it was not what I was looking for and I never saw it beyond that sale.

One department where prices are easy to compare is beauty. Last year, I had my heart set on a La Mer set, I had been following the prices (specifically for travel size or what ever I can get for under 300) and the lowest price I had seen for just a moisturizer was 85. At the sale I found a set that included the same moisturizer (same size) and an eye cream for 85. Sure, this deal could have been better, but it was the best deal I had seen all year for a very specific item I wanted. When you are shopping beauty, look at the sets, but only buy them if it is exactly what you are looking for FOR LESS than what you have been seeing, and do not fall into a trap buying a set even though you won’t use everything.

Lastly, look for items that are the complete package: practical, trendy, and affordable. The cardigan I am wearing above is a perfect example. This one was in the sale last year, under 50, sold out in the first week, everyone was going crazy over it. I bought it on the first day thinking ya this is cute. What made this one of my best purchases of that year was actually how much I ended up wearing it through the fall. Seriously you can tell from my instagram that I wore this thing TO DEATH and this year I am going to be looking for that same kind of perfect piece.

I will not be looking at the “kinda cute” items, I will be looking at whatever I can keep wearing for years and years.

Have Fun!

Window shopping is also great! Since my personal budget is lower this year compared to other years, I will not be buying everything on my list but I will be looking at everything!! Happy Shopping! And Stay tuned for a post with all my dressing room picks!




The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018: Everything You Need To Know

It’s that time of year!! I can’t even believe we are just a few days away from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!! This is the most anticipated & talked about sale of the entire year.  You all know I am crazzzzy about this sale and I am SO EXCITED to blog about the whole thing for the first time EVER! I am going to be covering the entire thing for you all to make your sale shopping much easier – I know from years past that this sale can be very overwhelming and intimidating, so here you will find a more organized collection of everything you need to know before and during the sale! For starters, here are a few of the most important key points to remember before the doors open!

What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

Essentially, every year Nordstrom brings out upcoming fall styles in July and August at a MAJOR DISCOUNT, and then the prices go back up when the season starts. This makes it the perfect time to stock up on some fall basics to wear for the whole season!

I make sure to use this sale for my back-to-school shopping so I can grab the best pieces to wear long term even past the fall season!

This sale includes all your favorite brands across women’s, men’s, beauty, shoes, and kids departments such as Tory Burch, Vince Camuto, Topshop, Free People, BP, Frye, MAC, and so much more!

The Catalog

Nordstrom released the Sale Catalog here, so be sure to check it out. I cannot wait to shop and I already have my eye on too many pieces…
I’ll be sharing my top picks here as well as what I am shopping during the sale!! So be sure to check back here for all the updates!

When does the Sale Start?

The sale runs July 12th through August 5th 2018. However, only Nordstrom cardmembers can enter the sale between July 12th and July 19th. If you don’t want to miss out on certain pieces (as some of their most popular items sell out before the sale goes public), I HIGHLY suggest getting a Nordstrom Card so that you can enjoy the sale sooner and pick up all your favorites! I used to shop just the public access but this year I am definitely getting a card so I can cover the entire sale for you all!!

Important Dates

Here are all the important sale dates so you all know the duration of the entire sale as well as the early access and public access dates!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: July 12th through August 5th

Early Access (Cardholders only): July 12th through July 19th

Public Access: July 20th through August 5th

Anything Else??

As I mentioned before, I will e updating the blog EVERY SINGLE DAY with new picks and information on the sale including what items are still in stock! Also, if you do not already follow me on instagram (@adelia.lauren) this is super important as I will be posting images and stories constantly showing you my dressing room picks and outfit inspiration! Lastly, I will also be vlogging the whole experience on YouTube (Adelia Lauren)!!