Cincy Spotlight: Spruce Nail Shop

quick disclaimer: I already LOVE Spruce and have been going there since I moved to Cincinnati, but I did receive a complimentary service in exchange for content.

Hello Lovelies!

I’ve waited quite a while to write a post on this, but I have finally started a partnership with my favorite salon in the city!! I have been going to Spruce Nail Shop for my manis and pedis since the first week I moved to the area and I have nothing but nice things to say, so let me share them!

Everything is So Clean

Before the pandemic and after the shop’s reopening they have been more dedicated to safe and clean service than anywhere I have been. Right when you walk in they offer sanitizer for your hands and your phone, they take your temperature, and not only do they constantly wear masks and gloves, but they are always using freshly sanitized or new gloves, tools, and anything!

The Aesthetic is *Chefs Kiss*

I wish I could decorate my place like they do! Every corner is perfect for a fun photo-op with unique wall decor, lots of plants, and a cute retail space with some of my favorite self-care items! If you like how the shop looks you should see their nail art!

Every Nail Tech Takes Their Time

This is probably the first thing I noticed about the shop. They are not stressed and trying to hurry you out the door so they have enough time for the next person. They are very skilled at allotting the appropriate amount of time for each service, with extra time for sanitation. This method allows for more precision so that your mani looks beyond perfect when you leave. No polish on cuticles, no uneven lines, ever!

Creativity Is Always Flowing

I love to think of new ideas for my next mani, but I’m never as creative or on trend as Spruce! Their Instagram page has new inspiration every day, and one thing I love is when I’ll go in with maybe some colors in mind and then they run with it, creating something even cooler!

Skin Services Available Too!

Spruce now brings their top tier service to the skincare world with a variety of good for you facials, waxing, and sugaring! I haven’t booked these yet myself but from their website it looks absolutely relaxing and perfect for when you need some self care!

The Cutest Lil Shop At The Front!

They have all my favs! Cuticle oil, lotion, gua shas, and polish are just a few things I look for!

I might sound like a broken record by now, but go book your next self-care day at Spruce! And do not be intimidated by how popular they are! They always have openings listed on their stories and I recommend booking 3 weeks out!

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