Minimal Living

From college to the city I have loved the under 500 square feet life.If you can, downsize to what you need!

I am no longer a fan of things like backup sheets, bookshelves, tvs, and large vacuums to name a few. Even for my closet I love to stick to what I actually wear and donate or recycle anything else!

Recycled Clothing

I have talked before about closet clean-outs and shopping second hand, but one thing that has really helped me is altering pr donating clothes that no longer work for me!

Package Free Shopping

Walk Or Use Public Transportation

Part of why I love city living is the ability to walk anywhere! Maybe you still need to commute to work but if you can walk or bike ride for coffee in the morning you can not only reduce your gas usage but you can also get a little workout in!


There are always opportunities to clean up your community – from the city to parks and beaches, find out what efforts are currently being made to reduce pollution and see where you can lend a hand!

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