Blogging 101: Brand Ambassadorships, Collaborations, and Media Kits!

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I may be a newcomer to the blogging industry, but in the last few months I have learned a lot about personal marketing and working with a variety of different brands! Over time, I have seen my blog and social media grow with hard work, consistency, sponsorship, and collaboration. So, here are some of the most important skills to get started as a blogger, influencer, and brand ambassador!

Being a Brand Ambassador

Anyone in the industry can be considered an influencer, but to be a brand ambassador is a completely different endeavor. Brands are almost always looking for ambassadors, and oftentimes they will select multiple influencers to work as a team to promote the brand. With most of the brand ambassadorships I work with, they would advertise the opportunity on their website or social media and accept applications through an online form. After completing the application, I would hear back from them within a week or so. By this point the brand would send out a detailed list of responsibilities and benefits including posting requirements and compensation! If a brand is not advertising a brand ambassador program, you can always email them asking if they offer positions or if they are interested in a collaboration.

Collaborations and Sponsorships

The biggest advice I can give regarding collaborations and how to get sponsored is to pick the brands you are passionate about, engage them on social media, and send an email!! You are not always going to have brands reach out to you, but it means A LOT to a brand to receive a personal message from an influencer willing to support them. Be sure to quickly mention who you are, why you like their brand, what you are interested in doing for a collaboration, and the best way for them to contact you. You may not hear back from everyone, but this is a great way to get started and gain experience!

Creating a Media Kit

Once you have some experience working with a few brands, the best way to find more opportunities is to organize your affiliation and experiences into a media kit! This can act as a resumé to share with future collaborators, and working with similar brands is a great way to maintain a consistent brand! Post your media kit on your personal site, link it to your social media, and be sure to share it when emailing for any potential brand collaboration. I created my online resumé/media kit (featured below) using Canva. This site is great for any kind of visual marketing!

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