Spring Break 2018: Beauty Essentials!

Hello Lovelies!!

Whenever I have a trip coming up, I always like to plan my packing ahead of time, and lately my goal has been to pack as lightly as possible (quite the challenge for a beauty blogger!). Here are a few space-saving tips and my own makeup/skincare/haircare/toiletry packing list!

Sized to Travel

It can be expensive to buy both full sized products AND over-priced travel sized versions. To avoid the extra cost, here are some of my life hacks!

  1. if you are testing out a product, or know that you will take a while to use it up, buy the travel size! I usually do this for powders, bronzers, and blushes as I use these products sparingly (the powders and blushes featured were purchased a year ago!).
  2. Samples!! There are a number of ways I will get sample sizes, usually this is from subscription boxes or redeeming rewards. I mostly do this for the skincare featured like Tatcha or Clinique. I also collect samples of other makeup like blush/highlighter sticks to save for travel! Pro tip: save old sample-sized bottles and refill them before a trip! I also refill travel-sized bottles of my shampoo and conditioner!
  3. I love to pack single use products in my carry-on for in-flight skincare or haircare!

Gallery: The Packing List

The final photo shows all my products packed and ready to be stored in various bags depending on how long I will be traveling!

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