I Asked For Your Thoughts On Confidence: Here’s What Happened

Hello Lovelies!!

Earlier this week I asked you all for some input on a topic that is extremely important to me: confidence. For starters, I was pleasantly surprised to find such a range of responses! It is so wonderful to see how each of you thinks about confidence and what practices you implement in your lives to remind yourselves of your self-worth. I asked the simple question, “What makes you confident?” and the themes of your responses range from daily routine, to physical appearance, to reminding ourselves the necessity of self-love.

So, here’s some confidence-boosting inspiration to brighten your hump day!

Self Love is Self Care

“I think my confidence comes as an outcome of my past experiences. We all go through hell-ish times or overthink the looks of others as judgements, but I think I really gained confidence when I took myself out of those situations, refocused my intentions of an empowering solo movement of self love and self care. Self love made me realize of what I was capable. Confidence really stems for me from my morning routine- starting my day off right: face wash, yoga outdoors in my backyard, making my breakfast and eating it outside with my dog. My setting a mood and aura of positivity and health, I am able to be confident.” – Amanda (@typeone_geologist // www.typeonegeologist.com)

Lipstick Lady

“Popping on some lipstick – even if I don’t have the rest of my face on – it makes me feel a bit more put together as though I can walk into any room confidently!” – Megan  (@megan_leblanc)

Positivity and People

“Surrounding myself with encouraging, positive people who build me up and support me.” – Miranda (@mirandaoates // memyselfmiranda.wordpress.com )

When Clothes Fit YOU

“A nice pair of jeans – or when my hair is done” – Cheyenne (@cheyennewood96)

Teach Others to Do the Same

“My two young boys. They have taught me to show that even when you’re not feeling confident in yourself, you should exude it for those around you! Teaching them that how we think and what we tell ourselves is extremely powerful.” – Courtney (@sultryinsuburbia)

Plain and Simple

“A good outfit day” – Courtney (@courtneymbells)

Love Yourself Without Apology

“The only ‘reset’ button you should be pushing today is the one labeled SELF LOVE. No matter what happened yesterday or the day before or last week or last year. No matter what. Every day is a new opportunity to love yourself fiercely and without apology. Because you’re worth it. You’re so so so so worth it.” – Gina (@nourishandeat)

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