Back To School: The Planning Starts Now

Hello Lovelies!!

It is that time of year again! Even though I am sad to see the summer come and go so quickly, the back to school season is such a refreshing time! It is the start of a new year, with new plans and new goals! You all know how much I love to stay organized, so when the new school year rolls around I love to plan ahead!

The Planner

The first thing I do for back to school is look for a new day planner! Every year I get more detailed with how I organize my planner and this year I am so excited to receive such a thoughtful gift from Purposeful Planner by Corie Clark! Their daily planner is exactly what I need this year!

Each day fills a whole page with a schedule, list of goals, a “brain dump” section (my favorite for to-do lists or jotting down random ideas), and so much more just on one page! I love how everything in my day is now perfectly organized! Everything I need to remember is clearly laid out and I no longer run out of space or need an extra sticky note for random info!

And if you want to get creative with your planning, they also have some wonderful sticker sets and washi tape for decor!

Planning Tips And Tricks

Finally organizing your day is honestly a relaxing and cathartic experience. However, to achieve consistent planning takes time and practice. It is a wonderful habit for success,  but the habit must first develop with work. Here are my recommendations for a perfectly planned school year!

One Day Every Week

Pick a day each week to plan out what the next seven days will look like! Typically my “planning day” is Sunday, so I will visit one of my favorite coffee shops and fill out my planner for the week! This is also a great way to visualize upcoming assignments and tasks so that you do not get swamped at the last minute!

Goals Lists

I find goals lists to be so fun! At the beginning of each school year I like to create a master list of what I am looking to achieve and what my efforts are really working towards. From there, I make a detailed goals list for each broader goals for the year. For example, is one of my main goals for the year was to “Get an A in Chemistry,” my detailed goals list would look something like this:


  • go to every class! (set an alarm!)
  • take detailed notes
  • review notes right after class
  • do homework within 2 days of it being posted
  • go to office hours with homework and lecture questions
  • start studying for exams 1 to 2 weeks ahead

Other Things to Note

Lastly, keep your planner with you at all times to keep it constantly updated! Plus, it is such a great feeling when you get to  cross items off of your to-do list!

Happy Back to School Shopping!!



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