Adulting 101: Comfortable Professional Wear in College

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Packing for college is always a major ordeal, and when it comes to clothes, you need a lot more than you may realize. No, I am not saying you need to pack every pair of jeans in your closet! Rather, a college wardrobe is not simply t-shirts and sweat pants, and one clothing category I forgot freshman year was business wear!

Sure, you may not need to dress in business casual every day of class, but college life presents plenty of these opportunities and occasions in preparation for the professional world: graduate school fairs, job fairs, interviews, internships, and presentations to name a few!

Now having appropriate pieces in your closet is one thing, but if there is anything I have learned from my few years of adulthood, it is that you should never have to choose between comfort and style. A navy blazer is a great business piece, except if it is too stiff to wear through an important interview.

Comfortable and Classy

For my professional wear, I love Virginia Dare Dress Co! All of their pieces are classy, modest, and most importantly COMFORTABLE! I especially love the Emma Dress and the Sara Blouse because they are simple and easy to dress up or down!

The Sara Blouse

The Sara Blouse made its debut with the latest collection from Virginia Dare Dress Co. The top has a very similar structure to the brand’s original Emma dress, along with the same fabric.

The peplum style allows for comfortable structure that does not cling to the body and the neckline is quite flattering! Pro tip: try the superman pose, pictured above, before entering any big interview or event!

I have styled the top with a military blazer, jeans, and black flats for a casual to business casual look!

The Emma Dress

Y’all already know how much I love my Emma dress for traveling with family or a summer internship! This dress is so easy to throw on with a pair of flats and run out the door! I love the modest, feminine fit to the dress combined with the same comfortable fabric as the Sara blouse! I typically wear this dress if I am looking to comfortably dress up for a business event in little to no time at all!

The Brand


If you need any more incentive to shop Virginia Dare Dress Co, check out their packaging! I have yet to see a brand go all out like they do and it always makes me feel special to see the care that goes into each shipment! They also have wonderful customer service for a variety needs!

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