50 Random (And Fun) Date Ideas

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I have been wanting to write this blog post for SO LONG! I do not know about y’all, but I spend so much time on Pinterest searching for the perfect date idea, and I end up reading these crazy long and crazy specific lists of dates that may seem nice but are not that realistic. Personally, I am perfectly content spending every date night eating home-cooked spaghetti and getting into a new show, but still (just in case I have someone to do these with me), I have compiled a list of my top date ideas, organized categorically, and including a collection of budget-friendly (if not free) options! Enjoy!

Any Day Date Ideas

1. Go to a farmer’s market together. Try to snag as many free samples and pick up some romantic, local flowers!

2. Complete a DIY craft together.

3. Go bowling together or with friends.

4. Visit a drive-in movie theater.

5. Go to an art studio and paint something for each other.

6. Find your local kitten café and play with the cutest creatures while you sip some coffee!

7. Go to an escape room.

Seasonal Date Ideas

8. Make your own scary movie night!

9. Go on a hay ride.

10. Visit a haunted house and play Ghostbusters.

11. Go to a pumpkin patch then carve your pumpkins together!

12. Make a bonfire and host some friends.

13. Attend a local harvest festival.

Holiday Date Ideas

14. Go costume shopping for Halloween.

15. Host a Friendsgiving party.

16. Have a pie baking night.

17. Go ice skating together.

18. Attend a hockey game.

19. See a local performance of The Nutcracker.

20. Drive around the neighborhood and look at all the holiday lights.

21. Go window shopping.

22. Get in a snowball fight or go sledding.

Budget Date Ideas

23. Take each other thrift shopping and wear each other’s picks to an event.

24. Go on an adventure and try to get lost on purpose!

25. Visit a local art gallery.

26. Go to a museum and complete a fun scavenger hunt together.

27. Volunteer together.

28. Go people-watching at a busy place, maybe even make a game out of it!

29. Get dressed up and pretend to be shopping for an expensive home together just to get into an interesting house tour.

30. Visit a bookstore and share your favorite works with each other, or try to find something the other person might like!

31. Go anywhere and just draw.

32. Have a photoshoot! Walk around town and pretend you’re a blogger or something (lol).

33. Attend a local open mic night or student performance together. Bonus points if you prepare a piece to share!

34. Go to the gym together.

Rainy Day Date Ideas

35. Movie night at home – make this one extra fun with blanket forts and homemade popcorn!

36. Find new music together and create a couples playlist.

37. Learn to play a new card game, or make your own!

38. Have a spa day – get some bath bombs, add some face masks, and learn to give great massages!

39. Make a time capsule – place some of your favorite memories in a jar and read them when you are older or anytime you need something to brighten your day 🙂

40. Create a house cleaning challenge. Each person picks a task and whoever is more efficient wins a prize.

41. Have a cooking competition at home: compete to see who can make the best dish with what you have in the fridge.

42. Play Scrabble, but instead make up your own words and corresponding definitions!

43. Plan out your dream vacation together!

44. Make a scrapbook of your relationship.

45. Have an ‘unplugged’ day. Spend the day together like you normally would but turn off your phones!

Outdoor Date Ideas

46. Have a fun picnic together and make it extra fancy with wine and cheese.

47. Learn  a new skill together like biking or rock climbing

48. Go to the beach. Make it relaxing with a stroll or some sunbathing, and make it more exciting by renting beach cruisers or having a sand castle competition!

49. Take your laptop outside and find a cozy spot to sit and watch something (preferably in a hammock).

50. Stargaze.

Thank you all for reading!! I hope this article gave you all some inspiration in your relationships! If you are new here, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog below and follow my instagram here!




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