8 Ultimate Travel Hacks For Packing Light (And On A Budget)

Hello Lovelies!!

I am currently packing for Thanksgiving break and as I struggle to fit too many outfit changes into one carry-on, I thought I would share with y’all some of my favorite travel and packing hacks!

Roll Your Clothes

My number one space saver!! Rolling your clothes as you pack them easily makes extra room for more items!

Free Samples


Free samples are the BEST TSA hack! Whenever I am at the mall, whether I plan on buying something or not, I always ask for free samples. Most stores will offer them, and usually there is a cap of two to three items at a time, but since I ask so often, I have collected so many samples that I use for short trips!! This is especially great if you only need a single use of an item and can recycle the container.

Store Small Items In Your Shoes

I will usually store socks, underwear, and even jewelry in my booties to save even more space!

Leave The Curling Iron At Home

You’re probably thinking, “what! I can’t go without heat styling my hair!” These large hair appliances are not worth a short trip, and a good alternative would be salt spray (my FAVORITE is from Tossd and you can get 15% OFF with my code ADELIA15)

Single Use Face Masks


Going off of the free samples, single use masks, especially sheet masks, are great for travel because they are so easy to store! These masks are from the holiday collection at Yes To!

Bring a Laundry Bag

I always like to have a bag in my suitcase in case I cannot wash my dirty clothes during the trip. This is especially great for helping you keep your clothes separated during the return trip!

Untangle Your Necklaces

This is one hack I have seen a number of travel bloggers use, and that is to use straws to keep your necklaces from tangling!

Set Aside What You Will Wear On The Plane Ahead Of Time

I don’t think I can count the number of times I’ve had to search through my packed luggage for something suitable to wear!

So that’s my list of travel hacks! If you would like to shop what I am packing, tap the photo below or click here!




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