The 5 Best Apps To Boost Your Instagram Game

Hello Lovelies!

I am continuing the Blogging and Influencing 101 series with some more tools to help you either grow your brand or simply have a killer Instagram or website! So here is my list of the apps you NEED to be using if you want beautiful photos, well-planned posts, eye-catching stories, and accurate analytics!

1. Lightroom

This app is free from the app store however you do need a subscription to use certain features. Lightroom has become the ONLY app I use for editing photos. I previously used VSCO and Snapseed, but the Lightroom mobile app has everything I need! With my presets I edit quickly with their copy and paste feature, and if I need to remove inconsistencies in the photo I use their “healing” or “selective” features!

ALSO – be on the lookout for some new mobile presets I will be releasing soon-ish!

2. Preview

My favorite thing to do for my instagram is plan out my feed!! It may seem silly but having a well-balanced consistent feed on my Instagram page is very important to me. I have a specific layout process that I have explained in the video below!

3. Canva

This is an app I use across all channels. The thumbnail you see above was made using this app, and my logo was also made using Canva as well! The app provides user friendly templates and tools to make all sorts of graphics for different projects, and the final images are wonderful if you cannot afford an Adobe Photoshop subscription like every other graphic designer!

4. Unfold

Unfold is perfect for eye-catching, uniform story slides. I use this app every time I plan out a series of stories on my instagram, like whenever I have a new blog post to share or I am catching up my followers on a fun event!

5. Instagram Insights

Instagram is not a big fan of users using third party analytics apps, so they started their own insights feature! I am still playing with it and deciding how I feel, but knowing how my content performs is especially important to me!

These are my favorite (and only) apps I use for my Instagram, and before I let y’all go, I will make one note regarding the apps I do not use. I do not use apps that post to Instagram for me and I no longer use apps that track my followers. This is mainly due to the fact that these apps have become less reliable and Instagram rarely deems these apps appropriate for their terms of service.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed this list!



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