Make Every Day A Spa Day: Holiday Gift Guide

Hello Lovelies!!

This is probably my FAVORITE gift guide this season!! Y’all know I am skincare and makeup obsessed, so here is all the inspo you need for the beauty lover in your life!

Mini Fridge

I know what you’re thinking – “wait isn’t this a beauty gift guide??” Well one of my favorite new beauty trends involves mini fridges!! Certain products like creams, face masks, and jade rollers are perfect to keep refrigerated; the cold products allow for vasoconstriction, as well as reduced puffiness, irritation, and redness in addition to all those good-for-you ingredients! Since these products are already much smaller than what you usually refrigerate, and it is much better to keep them with the rest of your skincare, a mini-fridge is the perfect way to make that happen! I love my new Cooluli Classic 4L mini fridge and it is my favorite mini-fridge for storing my favorite skincare products!!


As you can see in the photo above, I love using my mini-fridge for my moisturizer, color corrector, jet lag mask (so cooling!!), rose quartz face roller (the best!), eye patches (extra de-puffing when cold!), face oil (reduces redness), sheet masks – love the pocket in the fridge door, and I also keep small samples of my favorite products to keep cold! I also love how it comes in a variety of colors including white, which works perfectly with my beauty station!

This mini-fridge from Cooluli was originally designed to heat or cool small items. It can fit six cans and it is also designed for portability – so you can easily keep it in your car using the adaptor cords it comes with! Aside from using the mini-fridge to house your skincare or taking it with you on your next road trip, it is also perfect for keeping in your dorm or room! Shop for your Cooluli mini-fridge here!

Now It’s Time To Stock Your New Fridge!

Here are some of my favorite skincare products that you need in your collection!! You can easily shop these products by clicking here or on the product image!

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 6.05.26 PM

Don’t Forget Your Favorite Holiday Glam Essentials!

Shop these other beauty essentials here by clicking on the image below or using this link!

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 6.37.05 PM

These gifts are perfect for that person who wants to feel special when dressing up!

Lastly, Here Are Some Of My Favorite Bath Products!


Two of my favorite shops this year are Lush and Herbivore Botanicals, they have so many fun and luxurious gifts for anyone!






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