Body Positivity And Fitness

When You Love Yourself But You Want To See Change

Hello Lovelies!

This is a new topic for me!! I almost never share content about diet and exercise, mainly because I am very conscious of my diverse readers, and sometimes sharing meal plans or gym routines can be triggering. Today I am breaking the ice and sharing my thoughts on diet and exercise from a body positive perspective. I recently got back into working out consistently and mindful eating, and with that I have received many questions about how this relates to my journey in eating recovery. Specifically, one popular question is, “how do you love yourself and remain body positive when you want to physically change something about yourself (maybe you want abs or a cute butt)??”

Here is my answer.

Fundamentally, taking care of oneself is body positive. Eating nutritious foods in appropriate quantities and moving your body in healthy manners are forms of self care, as long as the purpose of these activities is to create a healthy, able body. So, it is easy to include a philosophy of body positivity in eating good-for-you foods and training so you can climb a mountain.

Where this gets tricky is when you want to see specific change, like weight loss or other body changes purely for aesthetic purposes.

I used to think that this could not exist with body positivity, but now I think otherwise. Recently, I decided to get a bit more fit, but in this journey, unlike my previous experiences with weight loss and such, I will not beat myself up if I forget a workout or get behind in my progress. I am pursuing the healthy habits that work for me, stress free.

If you are struggling with similar issues, ask yourself these two questions: (1) Does your health/fitness journey begin with self-love? Do you love yourself exactly the way you are in this moment? And (2) Will you accept and love yourself even if you do not meet your goals?



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