Easy Summer Recipes

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As I have mentioned, I have been spending a lot of time vacationing with my family this week, and for our family, any time spent together is not complete without FOOD. I am serious, we have a lot of food lovers in the family and a few amateur chefs as well! So today I thought I would quickly share a few of the fun recipes I have learned so far during this trip!

Vegetable Canapé

This one is probably the easiest recipe on this list (and it’s pictured above!) and all you need is cucumber, goat cheese, and strawberries! Once the cucumbers and strawberries are made into bite-sized slices, attach them together with a small amount of cheese and now you have an easy snack to serve guests!

Strawberry Crepes

There are many different crepe recipes out there, so for now I am going into how my family makes the homemade strawberry syrup for the crepes! First, you boil a pot of 1 part water and 1 part sugar. Once this simple syrup is at a low boil, add in some strawberry slices, then wait for the strawberries to get soft and the syrup to turn a deep shade of pink before pouring the contents onto a fresh crepe! Add some powdered sugar on top for extra sweetness!

Chicken Tacos

This one is probably my favorite for a quick, healthy dinner! It also makes me feel fancy to say I made dinner from scratch but here we go! I start with corn tortillas, small pieces of grilled chicken, seasoned however (I like to change it up!), and queso ( white quesadilla cheese perfect for melting). I heat these ingredients together on an open panini press – this is easier to clean – and then once the cheese melts and I have moved the taco over to a plate, I add a little lime juice, maybe some salsa, sliced avocado, or any other cold ingredients for added taste!

This list is pretty short but that’s what I got! Hope you all enjoy these easy recipes, and let me know if you try them!



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