What To Do When Life Throws You A Curve Ball

Hello Lovelies!

Today’s post is a bit more personal, but here we go! I was inspired by many random messages over the past few months, asking me about how I am handling some major changes this year (breakup, graduation, career shifts…) and here are my top recommendation of what to do when life throws you a curve ball! Maybe he broke up with you, maybe you didn’t get into that program, maybe you are no longer passionate about your major – whatever it is, here are some ways to not only take care, but also find yourself again!


I am not kidding. A few years ago I was faced with a difficult issue in my personal life. The trip had already been planned, but when I sat waiting for my flight to CDG I considered going back home for this issue (the nature of it isn’t important). Fortunately some really awesome people encouraged me to go as planned even though I was scared to leave the country, and I am so glad I did. That trip gave me the self-reflection I desperately needed in my life. It made me realize a lot about what I wanted to do an ultimately what I wanted out of life. If you are ever faced with a difficult decision or a major change in life, travel and travel alone. Literally eat, pray, love.

Cut Out Toxicity

It is scary and difficult in the moment, but whether you are cutting out a person or a habit, think out it as emotional pruning. Look at what factors in your life hurt you rather than help you and get rid of them. It’s that simple.

Do Not Be Afraid To Make A Big Change

Right now I am considering a big move in life and I am scared as sh*t. But being scared or anxious is not going to help me think wisely in this situation, so as I make this decision I intend to put aside my fears and go for the dream that is so big it scares me.

Stay Close To The Relationships That Last Forever

Family and lifelong friends – you know when you see them that they last forever, and this is why they should command your focus and attention. I have had times when I had to choose between those whom I would consider my family and people who are no longer in my life and those times are probably what I regret most in life.

Look To The Future

The key part to this one is to not look back. you are just not going that way. I know it can be difficult especially as someone living with anxiety to not live in the past but take all that time you are wasting on the past and use it towards the future. Just dream and plan for better.

Live For Yourself

Literally do what you want to do. If you would rather stay in then go out, do it. If you feel called to knit or paint or whatever, do it, because for some important reason your body/mind/subconscious spirit is calling you to use your time to feed your soul in whatever way feels right for YOU.



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