How I Became A Blogger: Ashley’s Story

Hi Babes!

I’m Ashley from @adamronnn on Instagram! I’m from Columbus, Ohio and still call it home. Fashion has ALWAYS been a huge passion of mine ever since I can remember! I decided to go to school to study fashion and retail at The Ohio State University and I’m getting my degree this upcoming December! Being able to study and learn new things about trends, designs, and the retail world every single day makes my heart SO full. My passion and goal on Instagram is sharing style ideas for the twenty something year old girl on a budget.

So, how did I get started? Fears?

I knew as early as my junior year of high school, when deciding on a college major, that I wanted to be in the fashion industry when I grew up. I have ALWAYS enjoyed expressing myself through clothes and accessories. I also may have a small shoe addiction…whoops. I used my Instagram as a social platform to post photos of my friends and family up until a year and a half ago. I would always get questions on where I got my clothes and decided where my passion was. I loved the feeling of helping my followers find cute and affordable pieces. I started to post more about my outfits and created my page into more of a personal blog/personal brand. I was absolutely terrified of failure when I started using this platform. I worried about what others were going to think of me for putting myself out there on the Internet. Knowing the fashion industry on Instagram is SO saturated. Will anyone discover little old me? It’s such a scary thing. I’m the type who over thinks and worries about EVERYTHING. It’s a really annoying trait that I have, unfortunately. I decided to put all of my insecurities, doubts, and worries to the side and do what makes me happy. I’m SO glad I did because I have never been happier! This whole fashion blog started off as a hobby of mine and has turned into a part-time job. I am so unbelievably grateful that I decided to follow my heart and do what makes me happy! If you’re thinking about starting a blog about anything, not just fashion, DO IT! I highly encourage you to start. There isn’t much to lose! Do what makes you happy and create a creative space to express yourself.

One thing that will always be hard is comparing yourself to others on the Internet. In this day and age, it’s hard to get caught up in the social media world and the perception of being “perfect”. Nobody is perfect. Nobody. I often find myself finding other fashion bloggers on my popular page and thinking, “Man, they’re so skinny.” “Their clothes look so much better on them than they would on me.” It’s called genetics…most of the time. I have always been a short girl with curves. I don’t look like the typical “” blogger. I don’t have long skinny legs. Ya girl has always struggled with her weight and being 5’3” doesn’t help! I realized that I’m never going to look like other women on Instagram and that is totally fine with me. I have my days here and there but I have began to love myself. Flaunt whatcha momma gave ya, gf. Be you. Be confident. That’s one of the best qualities you can have. I believe in you.


Ashley @adamronnn


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