5 Reasons Brown Is The Best Color. Period. By Margaret of Cady Quotidienne

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In the history of things that are grossly underappreciated the list includes the month of March, Kirsten Dunst who gave us the brilliance of Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette yet remains ‘best known’ for her role as Peter Parker’s girlfriend, and finally most egregious of all: the color brown. As Hot Girl Summer turns into Pumpkin Spice Latte Fall, and fashion weeks send us all into a shopping frenzy to update our wardrobes for the new season, I am making the case for why brown is not only the color of Autumn, but really is the best color year round. While I could end this post here, saying ‘because I said so’, here are 5 indisputable, scientifically-proven reasons that brown is the best color. Period.

Brown is Sophisticated

It takes a strong color to complete with black, and yet brown rises to the occasion. It has so much variety, from rich chocolate to cognac to camel. It can feel luxurious or playful or comforting or practical. Brown is a complex and multi-faceted color.

Brown Is Iconic

Think Julia Roberts’ brown and white polka dot dress from the polo scene in Pretty Woman (1990). Jane Birkin in brown suede for Vogue in 1971, the very same brunette who gave her name to the Hermès Birkin Bag. Kate Middleton’s dove printed Orla Kiely dress that is as quintessentially British as tweed, corgis and Burberry trench coats. Brown, when done right, is classic and memorable.

Brown is Forgiving

The right shade of brown can make compliment your skin, your hair and your eyes. Whereas black can be too hot in the summer months and make you look pale as a ghost in the winter, there is a shade of brown for everyone. For a full brown monochrome look, you can play with variations on within a color family while still wearing a classy neutral. Brown can hide coffee sweat, dirt, ink and even coffee stains from taking a too quick sip of your scalding Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Brown is Timeless

Whether it’s Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday playing hooky from royal duties on her Vespa, or Jackie Kennedy in her leopard print coat, some of the most stylish women in history turned to brown again and again. Not only is it chic, but wearing brown is like being in your own sepia-toned film.

Brown is Unexpected

In comparison to black and navy, brown is much less predictable and yet is also extremely versatile to wear. Brown compliments many other colors including burgundy, orange, light blue, black, cream, green, nude, and pink. It adds interest to an outfit and can be the perfect backdrop for mixing prints.

Don’t believe me? Here I am wearing brown leopard heels, a terra cotta skirt, brown tortoiseshell earrings, a chocolate vintage crocodile handbag AND I’m a brunette. Case closed.


Margaret runs the fashion, lifestyle and travel blog @cadyquotidienne based out of Washington DC. She has strong opinions about the color brown, which dog breed is cutest (corgis) and dessert (should always be ordered first).

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