What It Really Means To Grow Your Instagram

Hello Lovelies!

I have honestly had this post drafted since January, and I kept thinking, “oh, when I reach 10k I will share all my secrets of how I got there and everyone is going to love it!!”

Ok well now I’m calling BS and I don’t mean Bachelor of Science (lol I’m so funny).

So many people want to expand their audience on social media and with that demand we see so many quick fixes or strategies of how to essentially play an online social game, but in reality growing on a social media platform boils down to a few simple things: honesty, determination, hard work, and in many cases, luck.

I could just end this post here, but as someone who has “played the game” and seen how real growth happens, let me share a little more insight into how I come to this conclusion.

A Little Background

I started my account in early 2015 after a cyberbully convinced me to permanently delete my original account, @plutosaplanet3 (lol) where I shared many old dance photos and other embarrassing shenanigans. I was never popular growing up but coming into a culture full of likes I was desperate for validation and determined to connect with as many people as possible. I successfully grew a modest following for a basic college girl posting Starbucks cups, sorority sisters, and too many selfies. It was around this time that I decided to build my empire.


I decided in early 2018 that I would build my following up to the coveted 10,000 followers and it seemed like an attainable goal by the end of the year. Cut to mid 2019 and I am still three quarters of the way there and that goal seems farther and farther away. Long story short, I hustled, I played the game, I was growing consistently, and then everything just kind of slowed down  A LOT. The games people used to play (follow/unfollow, giveaways, etc) will not work today, but here’s what will work: an understanding that there is so so so much more to life than all of this (among other things).

A New Philosophy

Earlier this year I decided that my time was much better spent focusing on creating quality content and the foundation to a wonderful, lasting brand. I stopped worrying about the numbers, and sure they aren’t where I want them to be, but I have bigger and better dreams and goals for my life. So here is what my Instagram growth looks like today:

I am committed to consistently creating quality content that encourages, inspires, and motivates my audience.

I enjoy engaging like-minded individuals and affirming their work however I can.

I choose to not define my worth by any number or any rude comment.

I appropriately invest in my brand.

And I am patient and flexible regarding this ever-changing market.

And that’s it! I hope this article offered you some inspiration and insight into the difficulties of blogging, and if you are someone who hopes to grow your brand like I do, I do hope this encourages you to follow your dreams!



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