Closet Organization For Dummies



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Hello Lovelies!!

The other day I decided to tackle some much needed organization in areas of the apartment I had neglected since the move: my closets. There are two closets in the apartment: one for clothes and one for whatever I do not want to see. Guess which one I started with.

Now these projects seemed so impossible that I am missing “before” photos but you get the idea. Here are a few key things I learned from this very long day.

Start Small

Pick just one thing you can do first – for me that was going through my clothing storage and deciding what I can donate to make room. Once that was done I moved on to consolidating to make more room with the bins I had.

Buy What You Need As You Go

I waited to make that Target trip until I knew how many more bins/accessories I would need, and I ended up needing a lot fewer than I thought!

Utilize Odd Spaces Without Going Crazy

I have a number of brooms etc so I found one spot for them which is great! And this space is big enough that they can share with my extra lamp!

Get A Little Artsy With It

Use labels!! Or fill empty space with a vase or something cute!

And of course, have fun!



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