Little Things You Can Do To Make Your Housewarming Party Not Suck


Hello Lovelies!!

One of the most exciting parts of the last few months (moving to a new city, meeting new people) was finally getting my place ready for visitors! This past weekend a bunch of new and old friends all got to see the apartment while enjoying food and fun festivities! Here I am going to share a few secrets on how I managed to make the party more than a simple get-together!


There are many ways to handle food and drinks for a party, but whatever you choose, make sure your guests are offered a variety of choices! Not everyone may want the same thing, so offer at least 3 drink options with even more food options! Personally, I found diy tacos to be an easy option, because guest can pick their toppings or just eat a few simple things! I also had some donuts just so I can say “donut be a stranger” 😉


This one is simple – make a playlist but share it with your guests so they can suggest their favorite songs!

Goodie Bags

This might have been my favorite project just because it is so cute for photos! Offer your guests little goodie bags of things they can take home like candles, candy, or other fun things!

Turn It Into An Activity

Ok so it doesn’t take long for your friends to grab a bite and see your cool new place, now make the evening a little more fun with either an outing or stay in with simple games!



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