What You Need To Understand About The Modern Retail Industry Before All The Holiday Shopping

Hello Lovelies!

Today’s post is a bit more serious, and I wanted to share something informative as a way of educating you all not only on how to shop for the holidays, but also how to shop intentionally. Here, I will be sharing what I have learned from the retail industry, social media marketing, and just my own consumption to show you how to get the BEST out of your holiday shopping.

Do Not Go Into Debt

This is a given but so many times either extreme marketing or people in our personal lives pressure us into spending more than we should just to impress others. This isn’t Whoville. You do not need to buy the latest and coolest whatever to show off to your friends. They’ll be jealous for two seconds and you’ll be paying for whatever it is for two years. Not worth it.

What Is It Worth?

Speaking of worth, this idea has become a big part of my shopping in the last year. Having shopped enough, I understand brands and their patterns when it comes to markdowns or promotions. So when brands have a 40% off sale every few weeks, you start to realize that the merchandise may not be worth its “full price.” Take time to really research when things go on sale, the kinds of products that are marked down sooner, and compare the broader market. Maybe the holiday deals are ok deals but not as great as February clearance or maybe Walmart has the same thing for half the price year-round, etc.

Online vs. In-Store

This is an absolutely fascinating topic to me especially considering how social media has shaped our marketing and our shopping. If I am speaking frankly I feel like people truly do not realize how much they are influenced. Being influenced is ok, but it certainly difficult to know what you truly want or need when very specific products are all over your screens. As far as the pros and cons of online and in store shopping go, online shopping makes comparing prices infinitely easier, and in-store shopping should honestly be reserved for when you are looking for those last chance items, thrifting, or doorbusters that actually get you the best deal.

Are You Ok With How Products Are Marketed To You?

This is a question you need to ask yourself. Personally, I write gift guides because I am the type of person who wants to see everything (all deals, ideas, and things on my list) in one place as a way to organize my time and finances.

Do your research, try not to be fooled by ads, and spend more time enjoying the holidays free of shopping stress!



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