Thank You Notes

Hello Lovelies!!

We have all already gone around the Thanksgiving table and shared what we are thankful for this year, but thankfulness itself isn’t an annual ritual.

As I reflect on the past year, I remember all the people I want to thank for just random kindness. Then I am suddenly disappointed at how often I kept those thoughts to myself.

This is definitely a shorter blog post, but this is certainly an important topic for this season, and I hope that in sharing these thoughts and new resolutions, you can be encouraged to do the same!

Growing up our parents would sit us down at the kitchen table around the new year, and have us write and mail thank you cards to the many relatives that gifted us that season. Some kids are even told that Santa may not come back if you do not thank him. This was a chore. This was the thing you did even though you would rather play or concentrate on something selfish.

Over the years I continued the ritual, adding in a spirit of pridefulness in purchasing the latest Kate Spade stationary with the words “Thank You” printed in a colorful yet abstract way.

But this year something changed. For me, this new spirit of thankfulness developed back in January, when I realized how incredibly lucky I am to have friends who are willing to have me over for a fun visit or who let me take a million Instagram photos. When I had my very public breakup, I was LITERALLY AWESTRUCK at the number of strangers who would send me messages every day asking if I am ok, telling me I am worthy, or just being incredibly supportive. It is moments like these when we receive something we do not deserve that make us thankful for not just specific people, but humanity.

I hope this makes sense bc I am just word vomiting and tearing up over here.

Anyway – here is how you can find this post useful. From now on, every Sunday, I am going to make a point to sit down and write my thank you notes – as many as I can, on paper and online, until my gratitude and positivity surpasses the love I do not deserve.

Write your thank you notes.



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