What I Wish I Knew Before Moving On My Own

Hello Lovelies!!

Since that moving vlog finally uploaded pretty recently, I thought I would share a few updates on the whole adulting process! This is going to be a short, rambling listicle of what I hope is useful insight, so here ya go!

College Isn’t Adulting

Seriously. I remember being so proud the first time I learned to make spaghetti or paid my first bill. Sure, these are adult tasks and it’s exciting to grow into being an adult, but lol I still cannot cook or manage money.


City life does not mean weekly rooftop bar crawls. That would be nice, but no. The nice thing about living alone for me is that I’m only buying the food I need to or want to make. I am not yet the type to have random condiments around and when I say to myself that I have food at home, I actually do. Buying food when you have family or roommates is just different and honestly it is pretty difficult to explain. But essentially what I am saying is that eating at home takes a lot of creativity accompanied by the willpower to not go out all the time.


Hahaha being a creative is expensive. Taxes are never fun, and I have learned that I no longer can count to 10 – must be stress. Anyway, if you wanted to learn more about finances as a young adult, visit this blog post here.


Just a random thought but decor honestly freaks me out. Next time you are looking for that encouraging sign for your laundry room at TJ Maxx, remember that most older grownups keep the same decor in their homes for DECADES. They use the same holiday decor too and have extra space just to store what they are not currently using. This is why when I moved I chose a color pallet that would be easy to use long term: greys, whites, and a little peach. Hopefully I still like the pop of color in the future!


This one is fun. Only ever buy furniture you absolutely need at that time, and make sure you have a game plan if you want it all to coordinate or match. Big hint: do not buy sets of matching furniture just because it seems grown up. Start small, and be honest about how long you want to continue using said furniture. For example, my place only has small pieces because they are much less expensive, easy to move, and easy to coordinate. My bed only cost me 75$ in parts to make so in the future if I decide to upgrade I will not lament that purchase and maybe use it as a guest daybed. Also never second guess purchasing a couch, bed, or other large pieces!

Ok I think that’s all I have for the moment. I hope you found this content encouraging and informative!



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