The Beauty Of A Virtual Girl Gang

Hello Lovelies!

These are some of my best friends, and I have never even met them! Sounds a little weird? It is. Back in July of last year a blogger I followed offered to start a cute little group chat to talk each other through our blogging journeys (and to gossip about The Bachelor). Since then we have talked every day. When I cannot decide what to post (which happens every day), they help me pick the best photos, feed, posting time, etc. They know all my boy drama. They teach me how to best grow my brand, how to get sponsorships, and so much more!

And now we are becoming business partners! This week we are launching a free group for  anyone looking for community like this. You can learn what we have learned about the business, make new friends, and grow together!

We want to offer a collective space where YOU can benefit from virtual friendship in the same ways we have! You can chat with us and find amazing people to lift you up and help you build your personal brand!

The group is launching Monday, April 27th with mingling and simple introductions. We will share the tips and insights we have learned over the years in group posts on a weekly basis, and we will begin offering ways for you to connect and grow by Friday May 1st! Personally, I am most excited for all the way YOU will make this group unique with your questions, suggestions, and outreach! Once everything is ready we will be posting links where you can join!

Grow with us!



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