The Best Things You Can Do To Get Your Brand Off The Ground

Hello Lovelies!

Today I wanted to share some insight for those of you who are “in the building stages” – maybe you have a personal brand or business and you are working to grow your social media, get your content out there, or build your website! I was very lucky to grow as much as I did back in my first year as a blogger, so here are some things I did as well as advice I got a long the way! I highly recommend having a running list of tools like this you can use and keep in mind along your journey!

Make Friends

Sounds a little weird to say, but you are growing a following you are really building a community of like-minded people. A great way to start is simply to get in touch with people who do what you do (or what you want to do), connect with them, and just start your support system! When I wanted to be a blogger I reached out to a bunch of people I had been following and asked them about what they do and what advice they had for me! It was both informative to learn about the business but it was also encouraging to make a connection!


In my first month as a blogger I reached out to one girl who had all these sponsorships and I asked her how someone like me could get in on all that. She simply responded and said to email AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! In the begging, I would email maybe 200 brands a month, and get 5 or so good responses. Thats a smallllll percentage, but it was still worth it to start working and get my name out there!

Know Your Worth

Even when your brand is small, there is no excuse to sell yourself short. NEVER work for free.

Do Not Just Build Your Social Or Website

As you work to make it in whatever industry, do not forget to offer freelancing services like photography or graphic design! You have talents and you do not need to exclusively work on your brand! Pro tip: pitching services can be a great way to constantly have work and still get your name out there!


I do not know why I did not mention this sooner, but consistent content is a nice recipe for an engaged audience! When people can expect new, exciting info from you, they will stick around!

Show Your Personality!

This was a hard one for me because I love creating but I do not always want to share the tough stuff (or sometimes I am just insecure) but I feel so much more connected to my audience when they get to see a real person with feelings and goofy stuff going on in their life.

Ok guys, I know this was a quick one, but I love you all and I hope you have an awesome start to your weekend!



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  1. Great post, and love the look of your blog. Consistency is key indeed, and if new bloggers are looking to get decent at it, they’ll need to allocate some time to it every day instead of blogging on a whim. Thanks for this!

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