A Decade of Freedom

Hello Lovelies!

Serious content here: I have been crazy excited to celebrate this amazing milestone and extra excited to share it with you! Ten years ago today I was released from the hospital after my eating disorder. A lot has happened in that time so let’s talk about it!

This has been a difficult ten years. I have had a few isolated relapses but the many good days have triumphed. Eating disorders are the kind of problem, for some, that linger while periodically managed. For me, this was not something I just wanted to manage. I left it behind and chose to live a life as happy and normal as possible.

Of course I have an amazing support system I still use for times when I need a little help. We all need to recognize that the people around us are there for these moments. To remind us who we are and why we do our best to stay strong.

What happened shaped my values and personality forever. Now I get to fight for body positivity, self-love, size-inclusivity, and good health for everyone. It really is a pleasure to do this every day.

The biggest lesson I learned from both the five years I was sick and the last decade is this: life is too short to spend any amount of time disliking yourself or not taking care of your body. That’s it!

Thank you for joining me on this journey and stay strong!



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