Apartment Updates: Shopping Smart

Hello Lovelies!

Since I moved into my new place last month I have gotten a couple questions regarding decor and how I find pieces on a budget! The place is still FAR from finished but I do have a solid plan for how I ultimately want it to look, so in this blog post I will explain what I have purchased so far, how I invest in specific things, and my plan for the rest of the things I will add later!

The Living Room

The only things I currently have here are my large mirror (Bed Bath and Beyond), record player (Urban Outfitters), a pillow (also Urban), and a really cute rug I found from one of my favorite bloggers (Rugs.com). The couch has been ordered and I have big ideas for everything else but this project will likely take a few more months so stay tuned!

The Bathrooms

I decided to tackle these projects first since (1) I haven’t had a half bath before and it looked really fun and (2) the upstairs bathroom had an odd amount of space so I wanted to find a way to maximize storage there! In the downstairs, I included a cube storage thing I have had for a while (Target) just for bathroom storage. This way I have something to hold the hand towels and extra toilet paper! This was also a great way to display any reading material incase guest are stuck there too long. I found basket style cubes on amazon to compliment the color palette I have for the apartment and the tin I use for the towels was repurposed from a gift basket my parents received years ago. The frames on the wall were from Walmart and I use them with clothespins to showcase polaroids of my most recent travels (both trips were a long time ago, but there is just something about travel memories in a bathroom I don’t know how to explain it!) Lastly, to add character I found these wall dots on Etsy. They look like Dalmatian spots but in the white color it makes me think of snow! The best part about this project was the dots were so easy to apply!

In the upstairs bathroom I decided I needed more counter space and more storage, so putting in a dresser was the perfect solution! I found this one on fb marketplace (the exact on is from Ikea) but I am always looking for ways to save a little so finding this one already assembled at a lower price was nice! Now what I did not share on social media was the fact that I broke it in a few spots trying to get it home by myself, oops! So I also went to Home Depot that day for one of those repair sticks for furniture. At least the spots are less noticeable! I currently use the dresser for linens, jeans, and cashmere sweaters and on top I have my makeup, fragrances, and jewelry which all look so cute next to my sink area where I keep my skincare fridge (Cooluli) and a few cute vases (Anthropologie). The bath mat and shower curtain were both Urban Outfitters!

The Kitchen

Back when I got my first apartment in college my parents were very nice to send me most of my cooking supplies (all amazon) and any decor items I found at target or little markets back when I lived in Oxford. I am glad these pieces lasted so long! Also the stool I use is Target and finally the picture frames on the fridge are all Urban Outfitters!

The Office

This is one of my favorite spots! The desk and mirror are both Target, the chair is from Urban Outfitters – I am obsessed with the color! It really ties everything together! The in tray and lamp were two great Amazon finds to add some function while still keeping the space cute!

The Bedroom

This area is still a work in progress, but here is what I have so far: the bed was Wayfair – an inexpensive and easy purchase however the assembly had several challenges and I am still working to tighten the screws (it is a liittle complicated but it will be fine). It was nice finding a simple dark grey frame as most beds are white, brown, or black. For a headboard I decided to be adventurous and found a large wall decal on Etsy. The setup was insanely difficult but it is nice having something to add character. The bedding is a very complicated work in progress but the colors I am looking at are a neutral wheat, olive green, cognac brown, and possibly off white or khaki. I haven’t purchased everything yet but I am looking at Urban Outfitters, Target, and Bed Bath and Beyond for a nice mix of unique styles and budget friendly items. I am waiting on side tables though I know I want something small so I can store reading things and set up two lamps! Currently I use a multipurpose cart from target and it has actually been really great! Lastly, my closet is scattered in the room. I use the actual closet for a few things but my lingerie storage (Ikea) is in one corner while my clothing rack (Amazon) is in another. I think I’ll put outfits I plan on wearing/shooting on the rack and hide other pieces in the actual closet. My goal here is to maximize space while still having everything make sense!

The Entryway

I hope to finish this last project soon! I was so glad to maximize space in the entryway closet; I use it to store coats, random small things, suitcases, and there’s still some extra space for things I may accumulate! Next to the door I have a simple shelf with hooks (Target) and I hope to put in a shoe cabinet soon!

Thank you for following this adulting journey! I cannot wait for this space to feel complete!



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