How Your Morning Routine Can Ease Anxiety

Hello Lovelies!

I have discussed this before but one of my long-term struggles is anxiety, and since this can be so common, I thought I would share what has helped me with my battle and maybe this will inspire you to try some of these things too! I got the idea to share this after a friend plainly asked, “what are you doing for your anxiety?” I am honestly excited for this one and hope it is helpful to you but just remember I am not a licensed professional just sharing my story!

Something that is really sacred to me is my morning routine. I have loved waking up early ever since grade school when my brother would make coffee at 5:30 and I would spend over an hour straightening my hair and applying (what I would now consider) stage makeup. Wanting to take forever getting ready or just wanting enough time to swing by Starbucks helped me developed this early morning habit. I did not use this morning routine to combat anxiety at the time but let me explain how this all happened.

I love coffee and I love being on time. These days I usually do not need to be anywhere until 10 so I wake up by 7, make a to-do list around the apartment or for the blog, but the one thing that remains consistent is what I call my meditation time. This is an hour I block out every morning where I am still. Typically I will drink my coffee and listen to worship music. No chores, no scrolling Instagram, just me, coffee, and my thoughts. Even on days when I am running late I will put off photo shoots or laundry just to make sure I still get this time to myself. I didn’t plan this habit but back in high school I got so good at getting out the door so early that I would have an extra hour to sit in my car after visiting Starbucks, and then this meditation time was born.

You do not have to be still and you do not have to do this in the morning. You also do not even need coffee or worship music! I challenge you to carve out time in your day exclusively for yourself and your thoughts, if music or something helps you be still in your own way then great! Just try it however you feel works for you, maybe se if you can keep it up for a week, and see how your mindset improves!

Hope this helped to inspire you today! And if you want here is a link to my Spotify playlist to check out what I listen to with my meditation!



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