Gen Z Style But Make It Work Appropriate

Hello Lovelies!

I have been waiting for this one! With new trends, office spaces opening up, and Generation Z entering the workforce, I thought this would be a fun opportunity to share some insight and inspo on how you can look and feel your best at the office! Think trendy and elevated, and let’s get started!

Look For Year Round Pieces

A good capsule wardrobe will give you the freedom to mix and match as you add new pieces – if you are into more minimal style this is how you can keep things simple yet elevated, and if you are more into trendy style, a capsule wardrobe gives you a nice range of options to incorporate new or seasonal pieces! Some great things to look for when planning any capsule wardrobe:

  • a good pair of straight leg jeans – I recommend something in a vintage light wash that is fitted at the hips and also long enough for your figure!
  • white basic top – from tees to tanks to bodysuits, this element is self-explainatory
  • black jeans, pants, or even leggings – really nice black skinny jeans or faux leather leggings can work but a classic black work pant is a wardrobe essential!
  • a plain button down – preferably a neutral color like ivory but the important part to this piece is the fabric choice and structure – I love silk or a cotton that isn’t too thin
  • blazer – everyone needs a black blazer they can dress up or down – from there you can add in more patterns, materials, and colors!
  • a day to night dress – I know the words “day to night” are overused but think black or neutral colored mid-length dresses that are easy to throw on for any last minute thing
  • white sneakers that are actually comfortable and do not stain easily
  • a good pair of heels – my favs are any black slingback styles!

Think Long Term Trends

There is a big difference between short and long term trends. Short term trends will last maybe a season and one example would be chunky loafers from this past spring or (probably) colorful rings. Some examples of long term trends include straight leg jeans, curtain bangs, gold layered chain necklaces, and crop tops!

So before shopping the latest trend, ask yourself, will I be wearing this next year? If the answer is no then proceed with caution!

Color Variety

A lot of Gen Z style, especially for the summer, involves a lot of color, and that is a fun element to personal style that you can bring to work! Maybe you want to take a black and white capsule wardrobe and add in some neon shades to spice it up, maybe you prefer a warmer pallet of blues and brown so maybe incorporating soft colors is the move! Whatever you want to feature, make sure you pick your color palette before shopping – this will save you money and it will also help you extend the versatility of your wardrobe!

Trendy Pieces

These are a great addition, but you do not need everything! Again, pick what you love and have fun with it!!

Show Skin?

Depending on the workplace, midriff bearing pieces or short shorts are likely not the vibe, so if you follow a dress code at work, a lot of popular styles can be converted to something more work appropriate!

I highly recommend bodysuits to replace crop tops – and paired with straight leg bottoms this can make a fire fit. Remember elevated style is designed to structurally fit you, so I also recommend pieces that do not make you feel like to have to tug at your hem or readjust yourself throughout the day.

Elevated and Trendy Can Work Together

This is the beauty of personal style! Taking the trends and cool pieces you want to incorporate into your wardrobe and making them work for you with structure and items made for you!

Thank you for reading and I hope this encouraged you!



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