7 (Not Basic) Fun Fall Activities

Hello Lovelies!!

This year something about fall just feels extra special. Maybe it’s the fact that it has not quite snowed yet, or maybe it is the promise of good food, good company, and cozy everything! So in honor of the season, here are some fun things to do that aren’t super basic but will get you in the spirit! Let’s get to it!

1. Make your own fall flower arrangement

In my recent exploration of the city I have been lucky enough to discover some new (to me) local flower shops where you can pick out your own stems and diy an arrangement! To make it extra fall I love using seasonal colors with dahlias, add something easy to dry like pampas grass, and make it smell amazing with a little eucalyptus!

2. Date Night At Home Using Farmers Market Finds

Ever since getting married Con and I both love experimenting in the kitchen for date night, and with all the harvest finds at our local market it is easy to get festive! One of my favorite new dishes is a nice filet with sweet potatoes and a fall salad!

3. Do A Fun Photoshoot!

This is my favorite!! Go to your fav coffee shop or find some leaves and just take some cute pics! Sure you can be basic but one thing I love is using fall staple colors like brown and creating something amazing with trendy outfits or capturing sweet moments.

4. Rainy Day Movie Marathon

We all have movies reserved for rainy days. Mine is definitely The Parent Trap, but this season could call for a change of pace, or something fitting like a Harry Potter marathon or your favorite scary thrillers! Break out the fuzzy socks and cinnamon lattes, it’s time for a cozy movie sesh!

5. Drive Through A Park

This is one of my favorites! If it’s chilly but you want to see the leaves change, hop in the car, play your favorite nostalgic songs, and look at the beauty around you!

6. Make Candy Baskets For Friends

This can be similar to a “boo-gram” but if you want to do something nice for your friends or neighbors in a contact-free way, try leaving them a basket of goodies! Maybe even make it an easy project by getting all your supplies at one store!

7. Bake Fall-Themed Cookies

Ok this one is a liiitle basic, but I had to! Con and I are currently eating some fall leaf-inspired sugar cookies and wow! It really is more fun having sweets around when you actually bake them yourself!

Thank you for checking out this list and I hope it inspires you to make the most out of your fall season!!



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