Wedding Registry Must-Haves For Minimalist Brides

images by Shea (@photo_ish)

Hello Lovelies!!

One of the most difficult parts of our wedding journey was actually the registry! Since Con and I decided to elope in such a short time frame we had no time to prepare a wedding website or anything before the big day, so in very covid fashion, we post-nuptially celebrated online with close friends and family! I remember during the wedding week everyone was asking us what to get and at the time I could not think of ANYTHING – we had already set up our apartment and since we had both been independent adults before getting married it felt like we had all the essentials.

When I finally had the time to sit down and compile a list of things that would make our new home feel complete, I realized what worked for us was sticking to functional items. We are not big on china or copper cookware. We live in a small space and wanted our friends to celebrate with us in minimal ways. So, in case you are looking for inspiration for your registry or home, here are my top must-haves!

1. The Dyson Vacuum

This is a bit of a given since I feel like this is on every registry EVER, but this was our top gift because we literally had no space to store a vacuum larger than this, so there you go!

2. All Clad Pans

There is a lot you can do with just two pans, so we decided to go with a high end brand for pieces we can use every day! For us these can function for anything from eggs to stir fry to pasta and everything we have learned so far!

3. Espresso Machine

This one has been life-changing!

4. Anything Yamazaki

Again, since we live in a small space we needed a few small space solutions so we added a few inexpensive items to mainly maximize storage without clutter. We found a lot of our pieces both with Crate and Barrel and Amazon!

5. Bowls That Can Also Function As Plates

These Anthropologie bowls are a perfect in-between for dishes served either in a bowl or plate, so you do not have too many pieces in your cabinets!

Bonus! Add in small inexpensive items throughout your registry – think of the items you would buy yourself but haven’t gotten around to – some of my favorite extras include cheese boards and honey pots!

This list may seem short but that is the beauty of minimalism, and I hope this inspired you for your future wedding!



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