How To Reach Your Goals In 2022

Hello Lovelies!

It is that time of year, and honestly this is my FAVORITE time of year! It is Capricorn season, the air outside is chilly, the vibes inside are cozy, and it is time to set some goals for the new year! If you know me and this blog, you know that goal setting and the new year are two topics close to my heart. In fact, that is how this whole thing started!

Goals Lists

Nearly 4 years ago in January 2018, I was studying for the MCAT and applying to summer internships during winter break and something did not feel right. I decided to take a day to focus on what I wanted to accomplish that semester, year, and how those goals would serve my long term goals 5 and 10 years out.

I asked myself what I really want to do, and what I wanted to do more than the academics on my plate was to simply write. I wanted to share my stories and encourage people to love themselves and to live better.

At first I was terrified of changing my career path so far into university. But over the next year I gave this dream a shot while continuing my studies. Keep in mind I was an absolutely unaccomplished pre-med student with low prospects, so the decision to completely switch to blogging a year later was easy.

It all started with a goals list: identifying not only what you want but how you will achieve it over a course of time. It’s not a resolution to go to the gym more or eat healthier, it’s a goal of being able to do cool things with your body with specific checkpoints that align with your mental and physical health needs.

To better understand how to detail your goals, read this article from the early days of She Laughs!

Visualize With Mood Boards

Now to take your goals a step further: make a mood board for your year! I started adding mood boards in 2019 and it’s a fun way to include those goals in your daily life with reminders on your phone or computer background! Here is my very first one!

Here I mostly included “girl boss” quotes as this was the turning point when I made this dream my career! It’s absolutely crazy to realize all that has changed since, and now feeling proud of that time in my life has made me more motivated to dream big!

I think I skipped 2020 but in early 2021 I made this board with more specific goals like get a puppy (still in the works), buy a cloud couch, and if you look closely there is an engagement hidden in the image!

I wrote, “a year changes you a lot” and oh my god it did! Did I know we would be married by now or that I would be blessed with amazing supporters on TikTok? No but I am so grateful for all the good from this year!

This year I am SO HYPE to dream big! Some things I am manifesting include: quality partnership building with Con, big career moves, consistent brand partnerships, my own office and photo studio, body positive lifestyle changes, and so much more!

I included more subtle representations of these goals in this years mood board and added my number for the year: 7 (which is also my best friend’s favorite number!) my favorite part of the whole process is to set a new vibe for the year with all the fun of designing each board!

Thank you for reading and I hope you have an AMAZING NEW YEAR!



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