Creative Ways To Keep Children Private Online

Hello Lovelies!!

We had a baby!! Last month we welcomed our daughter, and in lieu of a baby announcement with lots of personal details, let’s chat why we have chosen to keep her private on social media, and also how we are creatively sharing the joys of parenting in ways that work for us.

Just a few years ago, I remember watching my favorite family vlog channels on YouTube and thinking how exciting it would be to have a family of my own one day and share all the cute fun with the world. I had thought of how we would announce our kids, family shoots and making memories, and how we would include them in our content.

More recently I learned the many reasons why this isn’t the route for us and our daughter. From the obvious online dangers to the individuality of one’s digital footprint, it is important to us to minimize how much we share online.

Quick disclaimer: we are still figuring it all out! Some decisions on what to share or not share are easier than others, and how we handle this topic will likely evolve with time. So, below I thought we could share the creative ways we have documented parenthood and our daughter, that keep her private but still provide the glimpse into our lives that we are currently comfortable sharing.

Newborn Photo Ideas

For our baby announcement after he birth, we had these gorgeous portraits taken by Katie Brown Photography, and for us it worked to share images that did not include her face.

Out And About

Documenting baby girl’s first few outings has been the highlight of this postpartum period – getting fresh air is already good for you and baby, and then all the memories are an added bonus! For this style of photography, it is especially easy to use whatever baby carrier to conceal little one while still acknowledging their presence!

Nursery, Clothing, and Other Objects

I have loved sharing our journey building her nursery and wardrobe, and one thing that has worked for us is documenting those elements without specifically featuring baby!

And that is how we have navigated what to share and not share so far! As she gets older, we are excited to solidify our plan and comfortability level with what to share, and we are also excited to find more creative ways to document these sweet moments. Thank you for reading!



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