Sorority Recruitment: Outfit Inspiration

Ladies!! Recruitment season is upon us! While many women experience the recruitment process before the fall semester or informally at any time of year, formal recruitment in January or early February is a common practice at a number of universities. For the thousands of women going through formal recruitment in the cold winter, the struggle to dress for the occasion is real.

The process typically involves four rounds of exploring the sororities and meeting the girls: welcome round, philanthropy round, sisterhood round, and preference round. Each round has its own dress code, from casual to formal, for the potential new members and sorority women. Here is my personal outfit inspiration for each round as well as some helpful tips on how to stay warm and healthy through it all!

Welcome Round

For this round, a new tradition is for PNMs (potential new members) to wear university apparel like t-shirts or sports jerseys. Since this is the longest round of recruitment, it is important to stay comfortable with jeans and sneakers! It may get chilly even indoors, so add a cardigan for extra warmth and comfort! For the best first impression, make the outfit unique to you with your favorite pieces!

Sorority women will be wearing their “letters” (a t-shirt with their sorority’s name on it) paired with jeans for uniformity.

Philanthropy Round

This round is casual yet stylish! PNMs will be given t-shirts for this round to be paired with jeans, pants, or a cute skirt. Since this is also a longer round, booties or stylish flats are recommended for comfort and some unique flare!

In past years and at other universities, the t-shirt has not been required for PNMs. It is also not required for sorority women. In this case, I recommend a statement sweater (like this one from Bluetique) to show off your personal style! this can be paired with pants and the same booties or flats mentioned above!

Sisterhood Round

For this round, one should wear smart casual or business casual clothing, leaving plenty of room for creativity! This is the BEST time to show off your personal style with anything from a jumpsuit to a nice skirt and top to a business style dress! I picked this sweater dress from Free People because it makes a statement while keeping me warm. Staple heels or flats are a perfect addition to this outfit!

Preference Round

Bring out the pearls! For the final round, dress up in something modest yet comfortable with heels. I recommend this dress from Bluetique because it is colorful, has comfortable fabric for sitting, and has a nice lace detail! It is important to be your best self when making your final choice!

Bid Day!!

The day has finally come! Relax and wear something comfortable like jeans and sneakers to pair with your new sorority letters! To stay warm and put-together, I added this jacket from J.Crew. Be sure to still do your hair and makeup since you will be taking so many pictures with your new sisters!

Helpful Hints

Please stay warm! The temperatures may be freezing during recruitment, so take your parka and bundle up in scarves, hats and gloves to and from parties. When I went through recruitment, I wore Ugg boots everywhere and carried a large duffle bag to store my coat and extra shoes. A large bag is also great to store extra makeup, snacks, and necessities during the long days.

It is important to note that these outfits reflect my personal inspiration based on the sorority recruitment dress code. I hope this article inspires you to show your unique style through the process!

More posts on staying healthy and prepared are coming soon! For inspiration on keeping your skin clear through the season, visit my last post on Beauty Resolutions!



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