Get Organized: The Goals List!

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The start of the new semester brings plenty of stress: new classes, new schedule, and no more sitting on your parents couch watching Grey’s Anatomy. You may have a general idea of what you would like to accomplish this time around, but it may seem like a lot to think about. Maybe, you want to boost your GPA, apply for internships, or get more involved in different activities! To make these goals a reality, the first few weeks are the best time to PLAN AHEAD and GET ORGANIZED!

The Series

This blog series, titled, Get Organized, will cover a range of chronological topics on meeting goals efficiently. The series will begin with goal making, introduce tracking gradual progress, planning daily schedules, and repeating the process over again. Organization is a lifestyle. It is a continuous process of making goals and meeting them over and over, and while it is repetitive, it is worth it.

The List

The first thing to ask yourself is, “what do I want to do?” Is there a grade or position you wish to have though it seems just out of reach? To visualize these ideas, make a list of goals! A goals list is a list of anything you want to accomplish in a certain amount of time. These goals can be academic goals like “make dean’s list,” or more social goals like a list of friends with whom you want to stay in touch.

Personally, I make goals lists at the beginning of each semester. Each list includes my classes and what I want out of each course. I also make goals lists for my student organizations, scholarships for which I may want to apply, internships or job opportunities, partnerships with brands, or social media and blogging!

A Goals List is similar to a to-do list but it can be more broad or long-term. An example of one of my own goals list might look like this!

Spring Goals


  • Biochemistry – get an A!
  • Philosophy – publish that essay on Medical Ethics!
  • French – attend every class!

Student Organizations

  • apply for executive board!
  • plan more service opportunities!


  • apply for scholarship!
  • find summer internship!
  • partner with more brands for sponsorship!

Some of the goals listed above may seem vague, like “get an A” or “find an internship.” Because these goals are more broad, they require a more detailed plan to make them happen. How do you plan on getting an A? How will you find an internship? In the next post for this series,  I will go into greater detail on how to plan ones goals step by step!






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