Get Organized: The Planner!!

Hello Lovelies!

This is the second post in a new series on Organization! In the first post, I discussed that the best way to start getting organized is to make a list of goals!! Knowing what you want to achieve is so important, and once you write your list the next step to formulate more detailed goals and PLAN!

Make Your Goals Realistic

To achieve the many goals of the goals list, a detailed plan is required. For example, if I include “get an A in Chemistry” on my list, I should also figure out how to make this goal happen. Here are some of the more detailed elements of this plan (get it? elements!).

Get an A in Chemistry

  • go to every class! (set an alarm!)
  • take detailed notes
  • review notes right after class
  • do homework within 2 days of it being posted
  • go to office hours with homework and lecture questions
  • start studying for exams 1 to 2 weeks ahead!

Another goal that is all over my notes is THIS BLOG! so when I have work to do for the blog, my detailed or more realistic list looks like this:

  • write a post every week!
  • keep a running list of ideas
  • schedule photoshoots
  • share to insta daily
  • email collaborators
  • find blogger inspiration

Here is where an organized planner comes in handy!

The Planner!!

My planner includes my monthly and weekly schedules, my goals list, my to-do list, and my notes. Here’s a look at an example week!


I usually leave my weekly schedule fairly open, and in pen I write my appointments (where I need to be and at what time). If something important is due that day, I typically write it next to the day of the week. My daily to-do list (bills, homework, errands) are on sticky notes. I can check off these items or add more tasks, and it feels great to take these notes out of my planner! This method is great because each page is a lot less cluttered and I am able to organize everything I need to know!

This planner is from Kate Spade and I found it on sale at a small boutique near my college town. Planners can be expensive, so if you are looking for a free option, you can print out planner pages and save them in a folder or post them on your wall! My friend, Me Myself Miranda, created a downloadable planner for personal organization!

Thank you all for reading!! I hope you found these tips helpful and inspiring! Staying organized long term can be difficult, but making lists and keeping a planner are essential to achieving your goals!





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