10 Very Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Hello Lovelies!!

With halloween in the middle of the week this year, it may be difficult to find the time to go all out for the holiday. So, why put in the time, money, and effort into a look that you’ll wear for maybe two hours on a Wednesday night? Either you’re in that boat, or, more likely, you probably just started your costume search. Regardless, here are my favorite ways to dress up for the occasion, both on a budget and at the eleventh hour!

1. Devil (For Couples: Add Angel)

What you’ll need: a red/black outfit, devil horns, and red lipstick if you’re into that!

2. Scarecrow

This is the first of what I would call the “makeup-heavy” halloween looks, because most of the look involves special effects makeup rather than a costume you have to prepare way in advance!

What you’ll need: brown eyeliner (to draw stitching on your cheeks and nose), denim, flannel top, hair ties (for pigtail braids)

3. Deer

Another mostly makeup look!

What you’ll need: white eyeshadow/highlighter, bronzer or medium brown eyeshadow, white eyeliner (for the waterline of your eyes), antlers, brown/black outfit

4. Skeleton

The last of our makeup looks!

What you’ll need: white face makeup, black eyeshadow, black eyeliner, black outfit

You can make this look very easy but if you are looking to turn heads I suggest watching the James Charles x Kylie collab video!

5. (Couples) Blues Clues And Steve

B and I did this our second year together and it was so fun!

What you’ll need: green striped shirt, khaki pants, blue tutu (this just made it more fun lol) blue top, and dark blue felt pieces (for the spots and ears)

For the ears I made felt cutouts and attached them to a headband

6. Holly Golightly (Or Just A Person In Pajamas)

I had this cute sleep mask that was perfect for this look but then I realized I didn’t have a white shirt! So I just threw on my comfiest pj’s and called it a costume!

What you’ll need: blue sleep mask, white dress shirt

7. (Couples) Bob Ross And A Happy Tree

We did this costume last weekend and tbh I looked more like Eve which was v confusing for our friends!

What you’ll need: afro (preferably brown hair), denim, paint brush, green (or fall leaf-like) garland, green/brown/or black outfit

Another option would be to dress as a painting but this can get pricier than just the tree costume!

8. Victoria’s Secret Angel

This one is especially fun to do with friends!

What you’ll need: a silky robe, booty shorts (pls wear these), angel wings

You can also dress this up with tights, fun heels, and highlighter-heavy makeup!

9. (Couples) Mr. and Mrs. Smith

What you’ll need: button-down shirt, rain boots, boxers, t shirt, and red/blood makeup

10. Catwoman

Currently working on this one for this year!

What you’ll need: faux leather pants, black cami, faux leather jacket, black heels, eye mask, cat ears

Hope you enjoyed this selection! Happy Halloween!



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