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This is a more ‘short and sweet’ article, but still this topic is A LOT more important than you all might think. So, you have probably heard your parents or (insert any nagging adult here) tell you to make your bed in the morning. Oftentimes we do not see any benefits to this task and we simply ignore it with any number of the same excuses: “It will just get messy again later,” “I do not have time,” “my cat looks too comfy,” and so on. Well there are plenty of benefits to making your bed, and if you do not believe me, here they are!

You Start Your Day “On The Right Side Of The Bed”

Making your bed is essentially a positive habit that then leads to other positive habits. Now that you have accomplished your first task for the day, you possess the confidence to complete other looming or difficult tasks.

It Encourages Productivity

Once you learn the importance of making your bed in the morning, you are more likely to make other decisions throughout the day that are essentially good for you.

It Lowers Anxiety

We spend a lot of time in our rooms, and when the space where we exist exhibits order rather than chaos, we are more likely to feel calm and secure about ourselves and what we need to accomplish.

It Just Looks Nice

I always think about how I want to come back to my room and see that there aren’t any tasks to accomplish and I feel like my home is how it should look most of the time. If my bed is not made, I am more likely to get distracted with the need to tidy my space when I should be working on something else.

Food For Thought! My next article in this series will likely cover the benefits of waking up early and what I accomplish in my morning!

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  1. Totally agree! Making my bed every day is one of my favourite habits, it’s like a start to the day ritual and it makes the bed so much cozier to get into at night!

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