Instagram Accounts To Follow If You Want To Be An Influencer

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Today’s blog is a little different. I have shared some about my favorite bloggers and influencers, but as part of my Blogging 101 series, I thought I would share some accounts that have influenced me in my journey into the blogging world! This list is far from complete, as there are thousands of instagrammers who influence me every day, and the creators below bring such unique talents to the blogging and influencing world that make me want to create my own inspiring content! From beautiful images, to life lessons, here are some of my favorite influencers!



Allison McNamara is another amazing boss babe!! She recently created Mara Beauty and I have always looked up to her and her inspiring content!








Jessica Lo Bailey is an atypical, well-rounded blogger. She quickly grew her audience from Summer 2017 to now with a steady evolution of consistent content. She is on-trend yet edgy enough to avoid being “basic.” An added bonus to her brand is her unapologetic faith: she is not afraid of sharing thoughtful, encouraging messages about her personal experiences throughout her pages. Lastly, she actively shares content specifically designed to advise influencers (like me) regarding a range of topics including FOMO and staying motivated!




Her viral story templates first inspired me, as Angela is an amazing example of rapid growth, but I continue to follow her for all the images I wish I could copy and her ability to produce consistent, high-quality content.




Jessi Afshin is the definition of sweetheart!! Her brand is so darling, and I love how well she includes encouraging, faith-based themes!







Similarly to @thesundaychapter (fun fact: they both mentored for @instituteofcode in BALI!), Kelly Hill began her page for fun and had an interesting growth pattern. According to one interview, she enjoyed taking photos while on vacation with her husband and as she continued to share these gorgeous, well produced images, her audience grew dramatically and from there she was able to make influencing a part of her career!





Another example oof well-produced images, but I continue to follow her because her story is so inspiring and I always wonder how she fits everything into that Airstream!







As her handle suggests, Makayla Mcafee has such amazing style inspiration! I do not know how she keeps up with all these sales and trends, and I love how budget-conscious some of her content can be!







While I pay more attention to her YouTube videos, I follow her for the aesthetic. Her colors and edits are amazing and perfect for a warm season!








I will always love Lauren Beluxe because she initially gave me the courage to take my blog to the next level and start looking for sponsorships. Her photos are AMAZING, but more importantly, she is incredibly engaging with her audience and I cannot get enough of her advice and inspiration!






She is possibly the coolest boss babe of the century!! Obsessed with her work, and her Summer Friday’s Jet Lag Mask is LIFE CHANGING!








Sivan Ayala Richards is known for her “luxe unfiltered” content, which I LOVE! We all need influencers to be real with us and she is probably the least afraid of this. Also, everything she owns is stuff I either have or desperately want so I am always obsessed with her content, especially EVERY PRODUCT SHE SHARES.






visual and life inspiration – do I need to say more?









If there is anyone on this list I wish I could be in real life, it would be Quigley. She is so cute, so honest, and it is amazing the content she is able to produce. I definitely get caption inspiration from her and I wish I had the ability to shoot content as creatively as she does!






Last, but definitely not least, is Kate from The Skincare Diary! Skincare is one of my favorite blog topics, and she is my daily inspiration! Her photography and knowledge about all things skincare are just incredible!





Like I said, this is a small portion of a much larger list! I hope you all enjoy this look into the world of influencing and I also hope you find the same inspiration from these amazing people as I have!



**disclaimer: these images are not my own and belong to the respective influencers mentioned in this article

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