How To Take Bomb Photos Without An Instagram Husband

Hello Lovelies!!

Creating consistent content is never easy, especially without loved ones willing to take a few thousand photos for free (or a budget for a photographer). Recently I have been sans aide for a many a recent post, so in this article I am going to break down how I managed to create each of these shots solo!

The Flatlay

Starting off easy, half of my Instagram feed actually features me behind the lens. This allows for more variety in the posts I share, so a ‘flatlay’ can be a product photo featuring clothing or beauty items, it could feature food, or it can feature landscape photography to name a few! Not only does this make shooting new content much easier, it also keeps me from posting too much of the same thing!

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The Selfie

Ok I know this sounds weird and don’t worry I will be getting to the more difficult images later on but there are actually a surprising amount of photos on my feed that you wouldn’t guess are just selfies. I am laughing as I write this, again I know it’s weird but just hear me out! The example I have above was taken during my last trip to France. I was alone wandering Paris and was too shy to ask for a photo, so I very carefully twisted my arm at a weird angle to appear like I wasn’t holding a camera – selfie sticks work too!

The Tripod

My favorite new technique is using a tripod with a remote control that you just hide in your hand! This method is easy because the shot is perfectly lined up and you do not have to worry about inconveniencing someone with 400+ frames!

The Stranger

And lastly,  just find someone on the street near where you want your photo-op, and kindly ask them for help! The trick with this one is first you have to be outgoing enough to just walk up to people and second you NEED to have the pose, framing and everything ready before you ask! That way the exchange is brief and you aren’t making someone be a professional photographer for an hour. With this method I ask for no more than 5 shots (or bursts) and even if I hate the images I say thank you and send them on their way in just a few minutes so as to not be rude!



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