Spending Wisely During The Nordstrom Sale

long story short, do not break the bank to fit in

Hello Lovelies!

So unlike previous years for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, an important topic has come up on social media about the pressure to spend money and essentially be as extravagant as those who influence you. I am here, like many other bloggers, to let you know that everyone is on a budget and no one is forcing you to buy things you don’t need. With that being said, here are some important things to note when trying to spend wisely for the sale!

Start With A Firm Budget

Pick a number, any number, write it down, do not forget it, and stick to it!! Sometimes I fall into a trap while shopping when I think ” oh I can’t spend more than X but if I only eat ramen for a week I can get this hat” or something and that should not be happening. Just know your number and try to not go crazy.

Know What You Want Ahead Of Time

Unfortunately this year the online sale starts at 12:30 instead of before the stores open like in the past, so you may not have an itemized wishlist going in BUT you can go in with a rough idea of what you want going in. For example, here’s my list

  • loafers or booties in black or a dark animal print
  • colorful cardigan
  • fall/winter coat
  • a trendy piece or two like slip skirts or dresses and easy to wear accessories

Look For The BEST Deal

This one takes some research and as I shop Friday I will be very blunt about this. The Nordstrom Sale is a good sale but that may not mean it is the best sale. First, most of the pieces in the catalog were designed and manufactured FOR THIS SALE meaning that the quality, popularity, and other characteristics of the items may be different from similar items of the same brand. For example, I love my Free People waffle sweater, and one year I was looking for similar styles in more colors but at a better price. I found Free People waffle sweater that was cute, but different from the one I knew and loved. I bought it thinking it would be the next big thing, and honestly it was not. Sure it was cute, but it was not what I was looking for and I never saw it beyond that sale.

One department where prices are easy to compare is beauty. Last year, I had my heart set on a La Mer set, I had been following the prices (specifically for travel size or what ever I can get for under 300) and the lowest price I had seen for just a moisturizer was 85. At the sale I found a set that included the same moisturizer (same size) and an eye cream for 85. Sure, this deal could have been better, but it was the best deal I had seen all year for a very specific item I wanted. When you are shopping beauty, look at the sets, but only buy them if it is exactly what you are looking for FOR LESS than what you have been seeing, and do not fall into a trap buying a set even though you won’t use everything.

Lastly, look for items that are the complete package: practical, trendy, and affordable. The cardigan I am wearing above is a perfect example. This one was in the sale last year, under 50, sold out in the first week, everyone was going crazy over it. I bought it on the first day thinking ya this is cute. What made this one of my best purchases of that year was actually how much I ended up wearing it through the fall. Seriously you can tell from my instagram that I wore this thing TO DEATH and this year I am going to be looking for that same kind of perfect piece.

I will not be looking at the “kinda cute” items, I will be looking at whatever I can keep wearing for years and years.

Have Fun!

Window shopping is also great! Since my personal budget is lower this year compared to other years, I will not be buying everything on my list but I will be looking at everything!! Happy Shopping! And Stay tuned for a post with all my dressing room picks!




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