I Fricken Bought Myself A Ring

Hello Lovelies!!

I feel like I’ve said this a few times, but this blog post is going to be a little different.

So last year as I started to get more serious in my career and figuring out my future plans, I set a reward for myself that once I reached a certain number in my earnings that I would invest in what I called “my first big blogger purchase”

At first I remember thinking I wanted a designer bag as an investment piece like many other bloggers, but now I have different ethical convictions regarding certain brands and markets (more on that later) and set my sights on an unusual purchase for a 22-year-old.

One day I was at a fun event and saw this adorable, subtle, over-priced eternity band. I new I was not going to purchase it any time soon, but it gave me a good idea.

Why wait for love or commitment from another person before wearing a diamond ring? Why should it symbolize marriage when it can symbolize so many other important things?

I mentioned that I call this my first big blogger purchase, but the ring itself I call my “I don’t need a man” ring. For me this symbolizes dedication and hard work, but more importantly it symbolizes the fact that I am worthy of so much no matter my relationship status.

If love is something I am seeking in the end, I can still be perfectly content focusing on myself. This object signifies my worth as a boss babe and reminds me that my life and the season I am in is not a season of lack. This is not a time of feeling incomplete and this is not a time of waiting. This is rather a time of recognizing ones worth and celebrating personal growth.

I encourage you to create big goals like this for yourself and do something nice as a form of self love rather than waiting for someone else to love you first.



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  1. Where’s the ring in the pictures? Can’t see it. BTW, kudos on your convictions. I like the “I don’t need a man,” ring. 😁

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