Testing The Waters

Hello Lovelies!!

Ok this is crazy – but exactly two years ago, on January 14th 2018, I started my website! I was a lonely college student who should have been studying for the MCAT when I remembered some forgotten dreams and goals. From there I took a leap of faith buying a website and calling myself a content creator on social media!

Since then, the blog has grown into the brand, She Laughs along with the She Laughs Collective (btw I am so excited to share some more really cool articles from some of my favorite bloggers!!) and we are creating content on nearly every social media platform you can think of!

Yes, this post is meant to celebrate the past two years of growth and content, but I am also titling this piece “Testing The Waters” because there will be some significant change happening in the coming year!

Remember when I changed the title to She Laughs? This was based on my favorite verse, Proverbs 31:25 – “she is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.” I liked that I included my faith in the foundation of my work, but with most of my content I was still very conscious of the fact I wanted to maintain a secular audience and brand. Well that’s changing.

This change will start small, but I will be adding faith based content throughout the blog and social media. As I share so much about my life and especially my personal life, I want my work to really reflect what I experience as a way to help those who may be experiencing something similar!

I have had plenty of people ask me about the place that my faith has in my brand, and I always just explain the importance of the name and move on saying it is all personal and I want to keep everything consistent. Well now the plan is to consistently share everything, including the faith related content. For those who are here for style or skincare advice, do not worry the usual stuff isn’t going anywhere, I just want to do more for you all!

Here is to making 2020 the year of rediscovering my brand and only sharing the good stuff and what is really on my heart!



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