The following is a creative piece from a partner of the She Laughs Collective – enjoy this unique work and change of pace from current content.
I live a mediocre life.
I finger-paint with cheap colors and poor technique. 

I drive an old car with a wave air freshener hanging in it. 
I sleep in an all-white queen bed with pillows on every side of me. 
I grocery shop at Trader Joe’s and get way too excited about buying more sweet potatoes.
I listen to a really good podcast but only remember half of it.
I live paycheck to paycheck majority of the time.
I write journals in cursive lines about thoughts I’m not even sure I really think.
I sit in the sun and check my sleeve every five seconds for a tan line, disappointed to rarely find one.
I can’t keep up with this world, and most of the time I don’t have enough energy to try to.
Is this enough?
Should I be setting my standards higher?
Is my personal success measured by others or by myself?
Does it take being the richest, having the most, and looking the best to find happiness?
What should be defined as contentment?
Should every hobby I have be something aimed to perfect?
Can I be merely okay at parts of my life?
It is enough.
The roof over my head.
The food that nourishes my body.
The love that overwhelms me.
The people who truly know me and care for me.
The woman I am today and the woman I am growing to be.
It is all enough.
And I am grateful for and content with my mediocre life.
In this world of success-driven and quickly-bored people searching for the next best thing, I have chosen to be okay with never being all that the world tells me to strive to be. I have chosen to be completely and wildly me.
Choose this with me, choose a life of contentment in being just who the Creator created you to be: you.
sav 🌿

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